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LA Fitness is a fitness training company, which offer its services through training centers situated in different locations. The training centers puts forward top-notch fitness equipment, group training classes, yoga classes, full locker facilities, kids club, personal trainers, saunas, whirlpool spas, heated lap pool, and many other fitness amenities. It opens all round the week for all day long. Group training on offer include aqua aerobics, dance, boxing, and yoga classes as well. With its headquarters situated in Irvine California, this fitness company has centers in many different locations. It operates through many clubs, which offer different membership plans for people of different age groups.

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  • By Serge Kesisian - Posted on: September 17, 2013

    This is the worst of health clubs in all of its locations that I've attended in Fort Lauderdale as far as the management is concerned. The clubs are managed by immigrants and mostly Latinos of course! Need one say anymore! LOL Lack of hi-gene, structure, loud and absurd Latino music are some of the worst characteristics of a North American Gym that I have ever been a member of since 1983

  • By sunshine - Posted on: August 31, 2013

    THIS MESSAGE IS FOR THE (VP LANCE) Murrieta, ca has the worse manager & sidekick on duty I've ever seen. The gym is suppose to be a place with a fun environment, leisure, relax state of mind, calm, comfy & chilled. That location has more chaos between staff I've ever encountered. The sales dept has a high turn around of employees & the front desk staff is great with the exception of Shawnee Haysom & Emily Young. Those 2 think they run the pkace & the way they treat other employees/staff/coworkers is DEPLORABLE & DISPICKABLE & DISRESPECTFUL & there's a huge lack of communication between her & her staff. Many members have complained about her passive non-chalant attitude. She appears to care but just tries to pasify the moment or the situation. She uses Emily, her sidekick to do her dirty work while she hides behind her TITLE but doesn't know a thing about managing a staff let alone a facility. She's un-involved with the facility or anything pertaining to the club itself. She sits on the phone, eats drinks & discusses food all day while at her desk. Not a qualification for mgmt. The kids klub is not suitable for kids. There're no games or anything else for the kids to do. No supplies to occupy or entertain the kids. The baby area is NEVER DISINFECTED or clean or up dated. The toys & play area is out dated & not very safe. The floor is never swept or moped regularly & since there's no carpet, some parents do not allow there babies on the floor. Several parents have complained amongst each other & brought it to the attention of the mngr but she doesn't seem to care. She's states there's nothing she can do. Someone really needs to replace her with a more caring individual that wants what's best for the members as well as the club & that benefits everyone not just herself. I see that place is full of greedy people who are becoming very replaceable by the day. Considering everyone there is coming & going every other month.

  • By Carol M - Posted on: August 29, 2013

    I belong to the Ballard (Seattle) branch. I really like it a lot. The place is clean, machines work and there are plenty of classes. I attend 4. A week- aqua fit and gentle aerobics. The instructors are great. . The fitness staff is professional, helpful and friendly. My only complaint is that I am disabled and there are no hand rails in the pool area. I have to walk about 50 feet with my cane to reach the gradual stairs entrance. Since it is slippery, I am afraid of falling. That is compounded by not having handrails along wall. However, I am working with them on that and they seem receptive. . Many older people take the class and it would benefit all.

  • By arlene - Posted on: August 2, 2013

    Seems most locations have pool problems. Pool temps(51st Ave, Baseline Rd, Phoenix,AZ)water is always teeth chattering COLD. The location sucks & a failure to it's customers.. Water areobics is often the first step when entering into a fitness regime. Complaints are never their concern.

  • By Mayra - Posted on: August 19, 2013

    this review is regarding LA Fitness in North Hollywood. Madai the manager is the worst person I have ever dealt with. He was rude and could care less about my issue. I signed up yesterday and was told that once there were 5 or more children in the kids club a second staff member would help. I brought that to Madai's attention and all he did was brush me off. His response was "this is not a day care and we have our rules" NOT to mention its not free! WHAT A SHAME !!!

  • By Megan - Posted on: July 24, 2013

    At the LA Fitness in League City, TX there were 5 vehicles broken into last night (07/24/13) this isn't the 1st time this has happened this is an ongoing issue and security is needed for the member's safety as well as our vehicles!! I don't even feel safe walking to my car alone anymore.. I am considering cancelling my would think all of the money you people make you could use some of it to hire security..

  • By Bobby James - Posted on: July 23, 2013

    The LA Fitness club located in Bala Cynwyd, PA, just outside of Philadelphia is terrible. I have belonged to this club since it opened approximately 10 years ago. The only club in the area with a pool. Well, the pool is always in need of repair and the sauna and hot tub is always broken. The locker room is in deplorable condition. The doors are hanging off the lockers. The toilet and shower room is always dirty, nasty. The Board of Health should pay this facility a visit. The equipment is broken more times than they work. They are down for not weeks, but months. I am seriously considering cancelling my membership to this club as myself and other longtime members are very disappointed in the conditions.

  • By Gym RAt - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    Don't join this gym anywhere!

  • By We Need Air Conditioning!!! - Posted on: June 27, 2013

    The Swede Square club in East Norriton is extremely hot and dangerous. The air is turned off every night and has to reboot in the morning, leaving the a.m. members with a sweltering gym. It is no better on the weekends. If they do not want to change their ac. system or jack it up during the day, at least put fans by the cardio area. How can you put fans in the aerobics rooms, but not in the area with the most cardio exercise taking place? **** I have left several messages about this and am leaving this message. I have noted dates I have contacted La Fitness and will testify that many complaints have been made if someone gets hurt, sick, or worse due to the poor air circulation and the heat.

  • By Elizabeth - Posted on: April 6, 2013

    With deepest regrets, I am going to have to resign. After working with this company for five years, I have never received one word of thanks. I have never received a thanks for your hard work. In turn, this has greatly diminished my drive and loyalty. I will miss the members. Five years ago, I was excited and thrilled to work at your facility. After five years of silence and no raise, it is time for me to hang my hat. I am a degreed woman who takes my job seriously and tries to give 100 percent. However, the wind has left my sails. It is affecting my job performance. Why come to work for a place that provides no rewards? A verbal reward goes a long way. I assume LA FITNESS has high employee turnover. It is sad. The company could be a great one if it valued the people on the bottom rung. The employees who have daily contact with the paid members. I hope LA FITNESS learns to appreciate their employees. I wish LA FITNESS would change and see its potential as becoming a great well rounded company.

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