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3344 Morse Crossing Columbus, OH 43219
Phone: (614)463-5200

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Lane Bryant owns a chain of women's clothing retail outlets in U.S. The primary focus on this retail chain is on plus-size clothes. The company was founded in 1900s and became popular for its maternity designs that Lena Himmelstein Bryant Malsin created. After Lena's marriage to Albert Malsin, he was the one, who took up the company's charge and took it forward to grab a share in the market. After Lena's death, her sons took care of the company and now the company owns a number of stores in different locations with its headquarters in Columbus OH. Now the company also sells through outlet sales and online stores.

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  • By Lrivers - Posted on: September 25, 2020

    I love the store and quality products. The cotton tee shirts and/ or sleepwear are so soft and comfortable however they are not durable. The material wears and gathers lint balls nearly immediately upon wearing or washing. The tee shirts last longer than the lounge/ sleepwear. I literally wore a brand new sleep top for 2 days and it started to frizz. The price is too costly for such short wear. Although I love the softness it just simply isn’t worth the price because you don’t get the wear out of it. I really wish Lane Bryant could come up with a solution or lower the price on the materials.

  • By Dr. Christine McDonnell - Posted on: August 1, 2013

    I recently visited the Lane Bryant in Enfield Ct. and I have been purchasing clothing in that store for years. While perusing the products in that store I needed to use the bathroom. I have used that bathroom over years when trying on clothing, buying jewelry, or just general shopping. When I came out of the bathroom the store manager (an African American) totally humiliated me and yelled at me and told me that I could not use the bathroom because people steal merchandise in that space. Another shopper was appalled at the way I was spoken to and I decided not to buy anything in that store ever again because of the way I was treated. She told me that "she didn't want to have to clean the restroom and that it wasn't fair to her". At this point, I began to walk out of the store and yelled at the store manager in the tone she spoke to me and warned her that I would be filing a complaint about HER behavior. Here I am two weeks later writing this complaint. I intend to write this in this space and also send a hardcopy to several locations if I have to. This woman needs to be trained not to speak to the shoppers who are spending good money in your stores in that fashion. Please investigate this woman. I have taken pictures so I can identify this woman if I carry out this complaint to the fullest.

  • By Nina Blair-Sorke - Posted on: October 27, 2014

    I would like to take the time to acknowledge an extremely professional employee who went above and beyond her job description. She added her own personal touch which in my opinion would be the very reason I will continue to shop here AND tell all my friends, and believe me I have a lot of friends. As a Business Owner myself I know the importance of being attentive to your customers needs. She was that and so much more. I feel she is a great asset to this company and an all around wonderful personality. Employees, such as Christina Tesoriero, was dressed for success and represented your company in knowledge of products and the personal character that far exceeds the norm. I felt inclined to bring this experience to your attention. Thank you so much "A Very Happy Customer", Nina Blair-Sorke ( If you have any questions please feel free to call me at anytime 941-815-4165)

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