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200 Executive Dr West Orange, NJ 07052
Phone: (973)243-0157

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Lincoln Technical Institute Inc is a for-profit company, which operates as a vocational institute in 43 campus in different locations. The company owns and operates all the institutional campuses and it has its headquarters in West Orange, New Jersey. It was back in 1946, when the first technical institute was set up. Starting with training in servicing and installation of air conditioners, and other refrigeration appliances, the institute began to offer many other training programs. Later automotive training programs were also added to the list of training courses offered by the institutes. The institutes boasts of open enrollment for students, who do not hold high school diploma.

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  • By Mildred willuams - Posted on: June 17, 2013

    Don't send ur child to this institution , they r crooks. They hire drug addicts that does not teach, he tells u to do what u can. U turn in written assignments and get a passing grade only to have the administrative office tell u they lost ur grades so they have to fail u because they don't know where the drug addict teacher put the papers. They want u to go to school longer to take more classes so they can make more money off of u. When u call to complaint u have people lie to u about their names and tell u don't know the number to corporate office or names to anyone in corporate. Don 't go to this school, big mistake.

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