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1000 Darden Center Dr. Orlando, FL 32837
Phone: (407)245-4000
Website: www.longhornsteakhouse.com

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LongHorn Steakhouse is a subsidiary of Darden Restaurants, Inc. The American based restaurant chain was founded in 1987 by George McKerrow and has its headquarters in Orlando, Florida, United States. The casual dining restaurant operates more than 354 restaurants in 33, states of United States. The company operates restaurants in Monroe, New York, Orlando, Florida, Louisiana, North Haven, Connecticut, Henrietta, and San Antonio, Texas. The company provides a variety of steaks, chicken, salmon, lobster, shrimp, soups, sandwiches, hamburgers, salads. The company is known for its grilled chicken, beverages. The company provides special menu for kids and also provides nutritional information.

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  • By Peter Arias - Posted on: September 28, 2020

    Horrible experience I went in today for the first time ever in your restaurant I went to sit at the bar because I was by myself and I usually get good service at the bar I ordered the steak and Longhorn steak french fries and salad salad came out it was delicious nice and fresh state came out with mashed potatoes sat there I said I didn’t want to meshed potatoes I can’t believe you you made the mistake for such a simple order I ordered french fries so they came out with french fries they were cold so I waited another nine minutes altogether I waited 13 minutes in that time I did not touch my steak so now my steak was sitting there for all this time and finally the french fries came out I was so aggravated disappointed at that I told the waiter give me my bill I left her food there wrapped up I told him to give it to a homeless veteran and I walked out angry and disappointed and upset and $31 dinner with nothing to show for itI came home and had peanut butter and jelly I’ll never eat in a place again horrible horrible experience and a simple simple dish steak and french fries and you couldn’t get it that right the manager or the waiter ignored me the whole time nobody came over to make it right will make good on it so now I have to see what I have to say hopefully I can talk to somebody tomorrow on the phone what is

  • By Debbie Massey - Posted on: August 3, 2013

    This occurred at the Tallahassee Fl location. The service was excellent and the server was well rewarded. The problem that I had was the fact that I requested another waitress not to sweep near our table while we were eating. A few minutes later, the manager returns to our area and started sweeping next to our table and made it known that he was doing just what we had requested them not to do. He later returned to our table and asked if everything was to our liking, and I replied "You did a fine job with a broom in your hand, but with you being a manager, need to teach not only yourself but your staff when it is appropriate to sweep floors. I explained to him that it was not sanitary to sweep near tables where people were eating, dust particles fly. His reply was that the floor had to be cleaned before others could be seated. I will not return to this restaurant as long as this manager is in charge. Anyone that owns, manages any type of food service should teach a class in etiquette.

  • By cindyjlandis@yahoo.com - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    I ate dinner at the Longhorn Restaurant located in Roswell, Georgia at the intersection of Alpharetta Highway and Mansell Road. While the waitress was attentive and personable, I was not pleased when I found two black hairs in my vegetables. The waitress and manager were apologetic, and I was not charged for my meal. I will not be returning to this location. Since I did not get a receipt, I wanted to report this and warn others not to eat there.

  • By Merry Wilcox - Posted on: July 24, 2013

    We visited the Waterloo, Iowa location today, July 24th, 2013 at 3pm, it was not busy at all. My mother-in-law is visiting from Virginia and I took her, my mom and my granddaughter to lunch. My mom and granddaughter ordered coke, they got diet coke. The bread that was brought was not cut, we were only able to eat the crust as the middle was dough, so most of it was wasted. 3 of the 4 of us ordered the steakhouse burger, after waiting a very long time for the waitress to take our order in the first place, when our burgers came, they were inedible, extremely dry. The waitress was not polite when she asked how everything was and we told her the burgers were so dry we couldn't eat them, the manager came, her name was Bri and she was completely wonderful and very professional, she had 3 more burgers prepared and packed up to go for us. Now at home, my mother-in-law tried her burger, it was more done and even drier than the first ones! I can't make myself even consider going back to Longhorn, it was so disappointing!

  • By Valetine Lawrence - Posted on: July 11, 2013

    My family was at the Longhorn Steakhouse on Camp Creek Parkway in College Park, GA on June 29, 2013 at 6:45pm, we did not sit down until 9:30pm. They said they had two large parties that kept lingering at their tables and we would have to wait for them to leave. But once seated we were ignored for 20 minutes...just awful..we were mad and hungry the kids were cranky.....the manager finally came over and said he was sorry but he was short staffed and offered our table of 12 people 1 appetizer....whoo hoo!....it sucks sucks sucks...SUCKS!

  • By Customer That will never return - Posted on: June 9, 2013

    Well if you review my comment from the Fayetteville, GA store on June 7th just hang on for more. Last night I called in a to go order and they said it will be ready in 20 to 25 mins. This was at 8:10 pm and we arrived at 8:40. By 9:02 pm it was still not ready and no one was telling us when it would be ready. We left with no food! The shift manager had nothing but excuses. Today, I called the Fayetteville store at 2:45 pm to check on picking up an envelope I was supposed to pick up from Friday nights total screw up by Marcelo. I was put on hold when I called for 10 mins and 25 seconds before I hung. They forgot and left me on hold: how? I called back at 3: pm and spoke to Josh the dayshift manager. When I told him what happened he didn't say anything and I said again your "stupid" staff just left me on hold for 10 plus minutes. He lit into me "you better respect my staff, no one disrespects my staff. I said and what about the customer and my situation last night who disrespected me. And he said I don't know about your problem. I then hung up. I'd been working in the yard today, took a shower and drove down to pick up my envelope. I didn't want any trouble. I walked in saw Marcelo and said I'm only here to get my envelope. I left toward the kitchen. I walked out to the lobby area so that no trouble would be made. I kept my iPhone running video the whole time. Through the door came Josh with his chest out and you see blood in his eyes. I quickly told him the video is running and corporate customer service is on the line. In the video he quickly apologizes with a sarcastic attitude. He finishes a quick apology, pulls out my envelope from his back pocket, hands it to me and send enjoy your gift cards. In the envelope was my original $10 coupon along with a $5 and $25. I said thank you and walked out the main door. As I walked out down the side walk Josh opened the door and said please don’t come back to this restaurant. I won’t! However, my wife and I did go down to the Olive Garden just down the street and enjoyed a great meal, service and good price. Why could that not have happened last night at Longhorns? Bad management period!

  • By Anna Louise - Posted on: June 14, 2013

    The worst longhorn that i visit was in P.R in caguas they don't know how to treat person, I went in mother day by my self to eat that was the worst mother day i have that dayin Long Horn in Caguas Puerto Rico, next day i call the manager of the restaraunt to make the complain and she toll me she call me back that never she did. That was my first and my last. I toll to a lot of freind and they have something similar or worst they said they not going no more to Long Horn. The manager have my phone number.

  • By Margaret Campbell - Posted on: May 28, 2013

    I have nothing negative about our visit or food - it was fine. I had a $25 gift card given to me - when we presented it for payment - waitress came back and said it was never activated. I have tried to find a way to talk with public relations at corporate, but cannot get a message through the "contact us" section. I'm guessing whomever sold the card to my friend - never activated it.....so my neighbor is out of $25 and we cannot use it. Out of goodwill and good PR I would think Longhorn would somehow make this right. Is anyone out there??????? Hello ---campbell99@yahoo.com

  • By Wanda Smith - Posted on: March 18, 2013

    We went to Longhorn Steakhouse, Cornelia, Ga at 2:56p March 16, 2013. The hostess asked us how many people in your party and we were the only two people standing there but I dismissed it. Next, she said wait one moment and proceeds to clean a used table. She comes back and says follow me and takes us directly to a booth that was already available. Therefore we stood there 3-4 minutes waiting for her to clean a table that wasn't for us. With same hands that cleaned the table she fixed our drinks and brought them to the table. (The bottle of chemicals has large words on it that says DO NOT DRINK) We sat there 10-12 minutes watching larger groups enter and get serviced immediately. Our waitress seemed apprehensive about coming to serve us. The main problem is that other tables with larger parties got food faster than my husband and me. Lastly, to add insult to injury, I get my steak, which would have been fine, but we hadn't got our salad! They brought it after the fact and thought it was going to be okay. NO! That is NOT ACCEPTABLE!!! I lost my appetite and left before eating. I just couldn't sit there and be ignored and treated disrespectfully. The review of this restaurant doesn't give much justice to what actually happened. You would have to experience it yourself to really know what we had to endure…the awkward stares and unwelcome atmosphere was even worse than the customer service. After we left I went to sites like Urban Spoon, Yelp and Yahoo to read the reviews and discovered that this is commonplace at this location. What happened to us was not an isolated incident. We frequent much more expensive restaurants and have never been ignored by the wait staff. I realize that there’s stereotypes about certain ethnicities trying to get away without tipping, not wanting to pay or having the waitress run around unnecessarily, but these stereotypes do NOT apply to us! We were just trying to enjoy and celebrate my husband's 50th birthday dinner. Thanks for ruining it!!! ZERO STARS!!! Don’t forget one thing, CASH IS KING!!! Wanda J. Smith

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