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10679 North Michigan Road Zionsville, IN 46077
Phone: (317)598-3618

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Marsh Supermarkets is a subsidiary of Sun Capital Partners, the company was founded in 1931. The American based company is a retail food chain with its headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The supermarkets are in 97 locations out of which 69 are Marsh Supermarkets, 3 are O Malias Markets and 25 are MainStreet Markets. These stores are located throughout Indiana and Ohio. The company is known for its fresh products such as cheese, bakery product, seafood, shrimp rings, live lobsters, salmon fillets, fresh fruits and vegetables, wines, bouquets, chocolates, festival balloons, fresh arrangement, gift items such as cards, baskets and homemade candies. Most of its stores also operate pharmacy and floral business.

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