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4701 Distribution Court Suite 9 Orlando, FL 32822
Phone: (407)482-0488

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Massey Services Inc provides termite protection, pest prevention, irrigation, and landscape care through its subsidiaries in the areas of Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana. The company services includes drain line services, bird control program, flying insect program, pest control and termite protection, commercial pest prevention. The landscape service of the company includes customized nutritional programs, soil testing, weed control and prevention, disease control and prevention, insect control and prevention, tree and shrub care, and lawn aeration. The Massey Services Company serves various industries such as food services, hospitality, healthcare, etc. The Massey Services Inc was founded in the year 1985 and has its headquarters located at Orlando, Florida.

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  • By M. Hawkins - Posted on: August 19, 2013

    We have been trying to get a refund for service cancellation since March, 2013. Mr. Mike Couch and his staff at 863.299.1134 have consistently misled and misinformed. They have not been forthcoming regarding exact status of refund due and when it will process. Mr. Couch promised, in one of the many phone conversations with him and his staff, that the refund would be received by 05 August, 2013 but no check arrived, now 19 August, 2013. When we called Massey to find out why check had not arrived, we were told mistakes were made in paperwork and that no one was sure when we would receive the refund. To me, this seems to be fraudulent business practice. Massey has my money, never rendered service and now will not refund for those services that were not rendered. I hope that the CEO is made aware of the fraudulent practices of his staff and remedies the situation soonest. It is unfortunate that his staff and company that carries his name has such poor business practices that an 80 some old person can not get their $231.00 refund.

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