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341 Sugar Carrollton, MI 48724
Phone: (989)752-1032
Website: www.michigansugar.com

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Michigan Sugar Co is a grower owned sugar co-operative producing quality products. The company was established in 1906 by combining six self-regulating single factory sugar beet companies. The company gradually expanded their business over the years and in 2002 became a sugar beet co-operative that owned more than 1000 sugar beet growers. In 2004, the Monitor Sugar's Bay City Factory and monitor Sugar Beet Growers joined their Co-operative. They process the local crop into sugar and sell them in the market under the brand name of Big Chief and Pioneer. The company owns three warehouse terminals that are located in Ohio and Michigan while the four operating companies are located in Caro, Sebewaing, Bay City and Croswell.

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