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800 North Brand Boulevard Floor 16 Glendale, CA 91203
Phone: (818)549-6000

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Nestle USA Inc is a multinational company producing nutritional, snack food, beverage and health related consumer goods in United States and Internationally. The company was founded in 1990 under Nestle Holdings with headquarters in Glendale, California. The company offers product such as chocolate, confections, snacks, baking, coffee, drinks, ice creams, chilled, frozen foods, baby foods, breakfast cereals, dairy products etc through its stores across United States of America. Some of the famous brands of Nestle are Nescafe, Nespresso, Nestea, Vittel, S. Pellecrini, Perrier, Nesquik, KitKat, Lion, Smarties, Dreyers, Maggi, Stouffers, Gerber, Purina etc. The world headquarters of the company is in Vevey, Switzerland.

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  • By Gerry - Posted on: August 3, 2013

    This is for Digiorno frozen pizza. Three times I have tried your pizzas and three times they got burned black on the bottom. What is up that. I followed the directions and still black pizza. Will tell my friends about this if they ask. Will not buy again Gerry

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