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1801 East 9th Street Suite 200 Cleveland, OH 44114
Phone: (216)588-4100
Website: www.yellowpagesgoesgreen.org

Company Overview

Ohio Savings Bank was founded in the year 1889. It was founded in Cleveland, Ohio. While it started as a local venture for savings and loans it has grown its presence to a national level now. It is present in retail banking, mortgage and construction lending of all kinds. They are also in to investment, insurance services and automobile lending services. However, in the year 2009 on the day of 4th December, the bank was shut and all deposit accounts that were with the bank were transferred to New York Community Bank. In the month of April in 2010, the bank started operating as Ohio Savings Bank, which is a division of the New York Community Bank.

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  • By Cherie D. - Posted on: July 27, 2013

    I have a close family member that works part time at OS in the Beachwood mall branch, ohio. He is a college student and truly enjoys working there. OS has a college student program where the student earns considerably less that the regular employees but has the opportunity to get a bonus every semester which is calculated by the score the get on their review. He took the job earning considerably less than the other employees because he knew if he put his heart into his job he would get a great review and be able to get a good bonus and make it worth while. Since he started at OS last fall he has excelled in all the incentive programs OS has run for the employees for opening the most accounts, having the most customers fill applications out for credit cards and the most cards issued because the applications went thru (he's still waiting for $60.oo Visa gift card from two months ago because he has won this incentive). He has Aiken it upon himself to make flyers out for on his desk to advertise percentage rates for CD's and sold quite a few. He is taken advantage by the other employees for instance when a customer wants to open an account that teller sends that customer to him to do the paperwork and that teller still gets the credit for opening an account when alls the did was shove it off on someone else to do. He has told the branch manager NUMEROUS time and nothing is done about it. Okay, here's the kicker. The first week oh June he had his review which covered the first half of this year, he scored 95%. He's been waiting since the middle of June for his bonus which was going to be between $1,500-$1,700 after taxes which was going to be used for books and his first months rent at college. He in ally called HR to see when he was going to get his bonus only to be told that he wasn't going to get it do to an infraction back in January. His drawer was short $109.00 dollars. So instead of deducting the $100.00 from his bonus which would have been fair/the right thing to do they denied him of the complete bonus. What kind of company treats their employees like this especially when their employees are handling their money. Ohio Savings you truly suck on how you treat your employees and from the other reviews I've been reading you don't seem to know how to handle your customers issues either. Whom ever the people are that are in charge of customer relations and the HR department should be fired because they are not doing their job. I will never have a nice thing to say about Ohio Savings Bank.

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