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7300 N. Kendall Dr. 8th Fl. Miami, FL 33156
Phone: (305)670-7696
Website: www.pollotropical.com

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Pollo Tropical meaning tropical chicken operates a chain of restaurants out of which some are franchised and others owned by the company. The company was started in Miami with its citrus marinated grilled chicken which then developed in 14 countries worldwide. The company founded in 1988 has its headquarters in Miami, Florida. The company operates in 120 locations in United States and its franchises in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Netherlands Antilles and Florida. The chickens used in Pollo Tropical are never frozen and free of hormones trans fat. Thus making a fresh, healthy, delight of chicken marinated and grilled, with unique side dishes.

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  • By Katie - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    I called yesterday a few times, got disconnected and finally was able to leave a message. I called because a few weeks ago I called as well because I found plastic in my food. Spoke with a CSR whom was extremly kind and helpful. She told me she was sending a $40 gift card and I have yet to receive it. My problem is, I want to know If I am ever going to get it so I can stop loking out for it. I told her I didnt want the gift card that it was not bnecessary. But you tell me you are going to send me something because your employees made a mistake and I swallowed plastic and then never contact me back or send it. I will once again try calling today, it'd be GREAT if you guys would actually pick up! Thanks. Katie.

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