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Po Box 1181 Elsa, TX 78543
Phone: (956)262-4277
Website: popeyes.com

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Popeyes Chicken and Biscuit, commercially known as Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, is the chain of fried chicken-based fast food restaurants that operates in different states of the US. The chain was first established in the year 1927 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Arabi Louisiana is known as the founder father of the fast food restaurant chain. The company was once acquired by AFC Enterprise that was America's most popular chicken menu producing organization in the year 1993. AL Copeland is the present CEO of the organization and they specialize in preparing fried chicken-based foods, biscuits and Cajun foods. According to 2007 report, yearly revenue of the company was $167 million.

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  • By Lynette Gorum - Posted on: July 13, 2013

    This review has to do with the Popeyes Chicken that is located at Ft Campbell ky On Ft Campbell Army Base. The chicken is dry and stale. It taste as if It's days old. The shame of it all is that it's the only one that is close by . The next one is an hour away in Nashville Tn.I grew up in New Orleans, La eating Popeyes Chicken and this not the Popeyes I grew up on. I'm sad Don't know what you can do. But just wanted to let you know that they are not living up to your standards.

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