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5555 Glenridge Connector NE Ste. 300 Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404)459-4450
Website: popeyes.com

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Popeyes also known as Popeyes Chicken & Buistcuits is based in Atlanta and the company sets up, franchises, and operates a number of restaurants across different locations. This is one of the largest chains of quick-serve restaurants, which owns over 1800 restaurants. The chain of restaurants primarily service chicken dishes on its menu with spicy flavors. It also put forward different sides to go with chicken dishes, which include mashed potatoes, Cajun fries, Cajun rice, and Cajun-style gravy. The restaurants use a color scheme of yellow and red as its unique identity and it list its franchise holders in "Hall of Fame" as well.

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  • By Tyra Johnson - Posted on: September 12, 2020

    Store # 10573 is the worst Popeyes Chicken I have ever order form. It took me 40 to get my order and when I received it, it was wrong. One of my sides, the whole bottom was busted. And my dirty rice really tasted like dirt. The location is 3248 Highway 278 Covington, GA 30014. I will not ever go to this location again. I will drive to the next town to my chicken. Thanks and No thanks.

  • By Donald - Posted on: September 1, 2013

    Had a very bad experience after just watching Popeye's on Undercover Boss. I was watching the show and started craving some chicken so My wife and I knew we could get in and out quickly (right) we went to the drive through placed our order and there were two cars in front of us that was told to pull over to the side and will bring it to you, Then we were told the same. I looked at my clock in the truck it was 7:41pm and nobody inside placing orders and the other cars infront of us got their orders and gone. it's 8:01 and we are still sitting outside waiting, 8:10pm now and my wife was going crazy so she went inside to get the order and we get home to find out it was not right I'll stop here because it's getting me upset all over again.

  • By Connie McGuire - Posted on: August 7, 2013

    Hi My name is Connie and the only time i get to eat at popeyes chicken and your rice and beans is when i get out of this part of the california desert of yucca valley beteen yucca valley.joushua tree,29 palms and morngo valley.we have 2 jfk's chicken the supper markets or the restaurants out of the three chicken fastfoods-churche,s-jfk's-popeyes YOUR the BEST and we need you up here in the hi-desert Sincerely CAM

  • By liz abrams - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    I am watching Undercover Boss right now and am appalled that the employees do not wear gloves. They might have a sore on their hand or fingers. It is so gross and mismanaged. I would never eat there.

  • By ARTHUR SCHOTTENHEIMER - Posted on: August 30, 2013


  • By arthur guy - Posted on: August 2, 2013

    called last week in reference to a survey I took and someone was supposed to return the call. I just was on the line for 25 minutes on customer service to no avail.

  • By Ashley - Posted on: August 11, 2013

    I moved to a small town in Georgia called Millen which has a Popeye's, this particular franchise has proven itself over and over again to be the nastiest, filthiest and most poorly managed restaurant I have ever visited in my 52 years! I purposely ate here for 10 days straight, dined inside and observed. I noticed (not all inclusively): a. Employee stroking their long (un-netted) braids with their left hand then using that same hand to pick up and place cooked chicken into a customer's take-out box. No food tongs, no gloves, dirty fingers. b. Employee dropped food tongs on floor, picked them up, tossed them back onto a pile of cooked chicken. c. The manager (I think), audibly called a drive-through customer a "white jive-ass white mother f**ker" as he pulled away. d. Employee (female) used restroom, left the stall, barely touched her fingers into running water, then proceeded back to the food line. No towels, no soap, didn't even get her hands wet (fingertips only). e. Tea sits out front with the lid off, lid laid on the counter my entire visit (approx. 30 minutes). Flies, gnats or other "foreign" matter could have easily ended up inside the tea container. f. Diners OFTEN are left without no napkins, no sporks, no straws, no condiments. g. The employees are dirty, dirty shirts, dirty aprons, dirty shoes, dirty fingernails, greasy hair and during my visits, often used racist remarks towards Caucasian customers behind their back. h. Employees are rude. rude. rude. When I asked for a roll of toilet paper for the restroom, she rolled her eyes at me and took forever "in the back" to produce and replace the empty container. Then, went back to work without washing her hands. i. This establishment would never, ever pass a health inspection. With less than 1 year experience in food service, even I spotted numerous violations. Cleaning supplies on serving line, no gloves, no hair nets, uncovered beverages, employees scratching and digging, then returning to food handling practices, talking on cell phones while removing biscuits from a pan, filthy mop water in the dining area, food crumbs all over numerous tables, greasy fingerprints all over spouts, napkin dispensers, filthy pan of water sitting on a dining table, and the list (and pictures) goes on and on... j. One black male referred to a white customer as a "white ass devil and mother fu**r" when the white guy asked for an exchange of chicken pieces. k. Small child (I'm guessing) it was an employees child running loose in the back where food preparation was taking place. Then the child was put inside the office and the door closed with NO adult inside. l. They (all employees) routinely stand in the back doorway and smoke cigarettes then return to their duties without washing, cigarette butts outside the back door (on the ground) will prove this. m. My final visit (today August 11th 2013) I had to repeat my order 4 times, then it was wrong. I had NO fork, spork to eat with, had to return to the counter because my chicken breast was missing, the unsweet tea was sour, then the sweet tea tasted like it had 10 pounds of sugar in it. The restroom was horrid (as always) and a teenager was in the back wearing "church clothes" (purple dress with frills, puffy shoulders) with a 3-4 month old child on her hip yacking away with an employee who was definitely "on the clock." This place sucks and I will be filing a written, certified letter to the health department and whoever else will listen. SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE needs to get this place under control and return it to the Popeye's of the founder's Vision.

  • By Rev. Ingrid Chase - Posted on: July 23, 2013

    The people of Canton, Ohio likes Popeyes chicken, and would like for some popeyes to be in Canton,Ohio area. come soon to canton,ohio. the nearest one is Akron,Ohio. Canton, Ohio need more chicken places than just KFC. Thank you.

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