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701 Western Ave. Glendale, CA 91201
Phone: (818)244-8080

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Public Storage, the company that belongs to the real estate (Investment Trust) industry, is one of the many popular storage companies operating in the US. Headquarters of the organization is in Glendale, CA. The company offered storage facility (first) in the year 1972. At present, they operate from near about 2000 diverse and unique locations in the US and in Europe as well. In Europe, it works under the popular Shurgard Brand. At present, more than 5000 full time employees are working for the organization. Net income of the company is 834 million US dollars and it earns revenue of 1.8 million US dollars, reveals the 2011 report.

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  • By Shanna - Posted on: August 13, 2013

    DONT TRUST THE PRICE QUOTED ON THEIR WEBSITE. I found this storage place on the internet after several hours of price quotes and I decided to go with this place due to reputation and the AMAZING price I was given of $23 (1st month for $1 + $22 admin fee) for a 5 x 5 unit. I spoke to their customer service 3 times after making my reservation and was NEVER advised of any additional fees or changes to my quote. It was only when I got there, I was told the price I was given on the internet was incorrect. There was apparently additional fees for the lock and some other 1 time fee and my new total was almost $53 ($1 for the rent and $52 in fees)!! When I expressed my discontent to the staff, I was met first with attitude by one staff member (Well, you HAVE to pay for the lock and the admin fees) and then with total agreement from another. The staff expressed their frustration directly to me regarding the drastic change in pricing from my quote stating they have been trying for years to get the price quotes to be more accurate, even gathering a petition. However I was advised by their staff, "They get away with it because of a disclaimer on their website. People get really upset but they never do anything to change it. They figure they are a big company so they just don't care if people get upset. The only way it will get changed is by customers complaining, and their rates are getting higher next month." How sad that even your own employees think your company doesn't care about your customers. I left immediately and found somewhere else to store my stuff. I also filed a complaint with their corporate office. So here is my voice, because apparently, this is the only way it will get changed. Make sure when they call you to confirm your reservation, YOU confirm with them the price you were given, or risk a total waste of your time or a much larger payment than you were expecting.

  • By Jan Scurlock - Posted on: July 5, 2013

    I cannot speak for the climate control locations, but have I got a story to tell about the N8n Climate Control Units on S. GESSNER NEAR BELLAIRE BLVD. in Houston... I was told I was getting a special rate for the smallest unit inside the back of the building without climate control--LET THE BUYER BEWARE-- What this means is THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO VENTILLATION WHATSOEVER AND THE INSULATION ON THE LOW CEILING LOOKS BURNED AND SHEDS OCCASIONALLY, SO YOU MUST COVER YOUR BELONGINGS WITH A TARPE. THE so called Manager is RACHEL. SHE LIVES ON THE PROPERTY, AND APPEARS TO CATER TO MINORITIES. TO HER, adapting to the special needs of a CAUCASIAN PERSON WITH A DISABILITY, WHO IS struggling and needs help is like regressing to the days of SLAVERY AMD THE CIVIL WAR. She tried to take a black man in front of me, and she overcharged me by $10 or more dollars. Rachel lives on the property, so instead of putting money into necessary repairs, profits are offset by paying for HER UTILITIES, INSTEAD OF NECESSARY REPAIRS AND REASONABLE ACCOMODATIONS LIKE FANS OR JUST AN ELECTRIC OUTLET FOR A FAN WHILE WE LOAD AND UNLOAD our storage. She is rude, unprofessional-and made me walk about 1/5 of a mile WITH A LOAD OF STORAGE IN MY ARMS ALL THE WAY AROUND THE COMPLEX THRU THE GATE AND THRU THE FRONT DOOR. I HAD CALLED HER BEFORE I CAME-I HAVE NO CAR-AND WJEN I GOT THERE 30 MINUTES LATER, SHE TOOK A 30 MINUTE BREAK ON THE LAST DAY WE CAN PAY OUR BILL WITHOUT HBEING CHARGED A LATE FEE.

  • By uthera c lewis - Posted on: June 5, 2013

    I want to know why this company advertise $1 for the first month rent when in reality that is not the case. I made my reservation by phone and the woman told me it would me $1 plus $19 that was bad enough but when my furniture arrived and I went in to do the paperwork and pick up the keys I had to pay almost $50 for the remainder of the month and the regular price in two weeks. Now please tell me how is that right; THIS IS FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Tina - Posted on: May 27, 2013

    On April 17, 2013 I rented and moved my personal household items into a 10X25 storage unit at Public Storage located at 24455 Schoenerr, Warren, MI. At that time I paid the required Administrative and insurance fee. On May 4th I paid the required storage rent for the Month of May. On May 5th I received a phone call from Jenifer (employee of Public Storage) and was advised that my storage unit appeared to had been broken into. Upon arriving to the Facility I discovered that my entire 10X25 unit had been broken into and completely cleared out. This was over 3 bedroom of household furniture as I had just moved back to Michigan from Texas and moved my items in a 22 foot Penske moving truck. I was also made aware that a total of 8 storage units were broken into at the same time. After having several conversations with Warren Police Department I was told that they are called to that facility very often with storage units being broken into all the time and that the facility security system is very poor. I have requested through the site manager Chantel Shaw a refund of my storage rent that was paid the day before the robbery and I have not receive a response nor a refund. I also have not received any form of an apology or compassionate ear from anyone at Public Storage. It is just business as usual as I am out of over $40,000 in personal household items, with no recourse against Public Storage.

  • By Kathleen - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    Public Storage facilities use "antiquated" security systems. That is a quote from a Florida Detective handling the burglary of our climate controlled unit at Public Storage. Break ins appear to be frequent so if you don't want to lose what you are storing, choose another company that takes guarding your possessions with some sense of responsibility.

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