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4865 Ward Rd.,Ste. 500 Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
Phone: (720)898-2300
Website: www.qdoba.com

Company Overview

Qdoba Restaurant Corporation owns a chain of restaurants serves Mexican food. The company owns the Qdoba Mexican Grill, which also serves made-to-order Mexican dishes. These restaurants are located in about 500 different locations spread across 40 states. The restaurants also have signature burritos coupled with secondary dishes such as salads, tacos, breakfast items and nachos. The company owns over 150 restaurants itself and the rest of them are owned by franchises. Jack in the Box, which operates a hamburger chain also owns Qdoba. The headquarters of the company is located in Wheat Ridge, CO.

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  • By Pam DeVane - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    I went to Qdoba today and ordered Nachos. While the person fixing the food was polite, I barely go anything on my plate. She sprinkled corn on my food I had to ask for some more and then she sprinkled a little more. The Guac wasn't even a full scoop had to ask if can at least get a full coop. My coworkers and I had stopped going to Moe's because we always felt Qdoba gave more for the same money. Not anymore. I was so disappointed and plan on switching back to Moe's even though Qdoba is closer. For $9.50 I should be able to taste each product. Oh, and she sprinkled a little rice as well! Qdoba-Pembroke Drive-Friendly Center-Greensboro NC

  • By Kim miles - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    Today, I visit the qdoba to get a mango salad for lunch. I thought I had enough points to receive a free lunch, but too my surprise my next lunch would have been free. I ordered amango salad didn't have enought points so the manager to the cashier to trash the salad. The manger was not friendly and made me look like a fool in front of the other customers. If the next meal was free and i didn't have my card with me to purchase the salad why trash it. I wont be eating at that qdoba ant more. My coworker was with me and she didn't like his attitude either. Why be nasty?

  • By Denise VanDine - Posted on: April 29, 2013

    called 4/29/2013 spoke to Nancy at Qdoba's at 202-600-6400 ordered catering for 40 people taco bar and Nacho Bar and Rice with cilentro and lime, for Friday May 3,2013 Nancy put me on Hold came back and advised that it would be $141.76 with Gratituty and taxes and delivery, I advised my boss, who in turn gave me his credit card for the order, the e-mail confirmation I received was for $441.76 when I called them back I was advised that yes it did show 141.76 on the order that Nancy supplied so there must have been a miscommunication, when I spoke to Stephanie the manager, she advised that the bill stated 441.76 not 141.76, I advised her that I was already told it was written on the bill and her response was well, it cost 441.76 you can either take it or cancel the order which I did as she did not want to work with me on this, I advised her that we are a HUGH company that does a lot of catering affairs and that my boss would not accept a 441.76 bill after I advised him of the quoted price and again she stated well 441.76 take it or leave it, so I did - I also advised her that I would write to the better business bureau and file a corporate complaint. this is not a good way to run a company as we do quoting all the time and I know if we make a mistake we are willing to work with our customers. I am very disappointed that we could not use your services for our Cinco De Mayo party and I expect better service as this was not handled professionally

  • By Teonna Jackson - Posted on: April 26, 2013

    I went today to qdoba mexican grill and the guy ring me up twice because he charge me for a drink after I show him my military id. He didn't even apologize about it at all. All he say is he saw it after the fact but how is that when I told him before he ring me up and show my id. I don't even see a void on my receipt but he say he did. I hope he didn't charge me twice because on my bank account I was debit twice. I used to like this location but they are getting messy and don't care how they make your food. What really bother me the lady ask me did I want it to go I say yes then she ask me again and then again. That's show that they don't pay attention to nothing you say. I went to 1916 south gate road Colorado Springs CO 80906 on 4/26/2013 at 6:55 pm.

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