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359 Chestnut Street Oneonta, NY 13820
Phone: (607)433-1046

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Smoker Friendly has operations in more than 800 independently owned retail outlets. They are specifically into the business of full line tobacco retailers. They are known to sell their products at good pricing structure. All the products sold by Smoker Friendly under their company names, trademarks and logo respectively. Their exclusive retailers belong to the brand of tobacco products family. Smoker Friendly is known to sale products as per specifications of consumer rights. They have different terms and conditions which can be viewed logging into their site. Even they guide parents for supervising activities of their children and also to participate when possible.

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  • By Tom Miele - Posted on: September 8, 2013

    Is Smoker Friendly considering opening a store in McCandless Township in Pennsylvania? There is a seventy acre development McCandless Crossings. The development in now in phase 3 and is eager to have the store fronts occupied. There is no cigar lounge/store in this part of town. A Smoker Friendly store with a roomy lounge would I think do quite well. Please have a serious discussion on the above location.

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