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5673 Airport Road Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: (540)362-4911
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Advance Auto Parts is the 2nd largest retailer of automotive accessories and replacement parts in the US. The company is also known as AAP and it started its journey in the year 1932. Record says that in 2011 the company earned sale's amount of near about 6.12 billion US dollars. They now operate more than 3800 stores in near about forty states of the US. At present, more than 55,000 employees (Full-time) are working with the company. In the year 2005, the company acquired another popular organization that is Auto Part international. At that time,this organization was operating near about 202 stores within the Atlantic Seaboard region.

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  • By really!!! - Posted on: June 1, 2013

    I have bin an advance employee for 10the years now.its hard to understand what your trying to do these either dont know, or dont care.this cutting payroll year after year has killed are business, and customers are walking out the dm works the counter alone from 730 to noon! I have 3to delivery truck trucks and one full time driver.REALLY!! Iv never seen a more depressing place to work.the couple full time people left are completly bernt kniw, i really like wat i do.iv bin in the automotive ind.for a long time.its fun to me helping peolee figure out out there problems, but DAM! HELP US OUT A LITTLE

  • By RJ - Posted on: April 30, 2013

    The following is a transcript of my CHAT w/AAP Customer (lack of) Service: Thank you for choosing Advance Auto Parts. A representative will be with you shortly. Thank you for holding. Thank you for chatting with Advance Auto Parts and Batteries. You are now chatting with Luisa. How may I assist you today? You: RJ Luisa: Hello! How may I help you today? You: where's my gift card??? Incident: 130429-000101 Luisa: I am sorry, Gift card are handle directly at the store. Luisa: In this case since you have an incident number, I will give you the store management department they will be happy to assist you. Luisa: Please call at 1-800-310-4243 for further assistant You: NO!!! I placed my order on-line and then promo code indicated I would be receiving a $25 gift card... I spoke w/ my local AP store & they said they can't help on orders placed on-line You: hello??? Luisa: I see. Luisa: In that case we do not work with gift card, this is a bounce back coupon for $25 off $50. Luisa: May I have your online order number and email please. You: Hold-on Luisa: Ok. You: Incident: 130328-000011 Luisa: I'm sorry we do not work with incident number. You: Confirming Your Order # 17532173 Luisa: Thank you. Luisa: May I have your email please. Luisa: Thank you. Luisa: Please give me a few minutes to look into this for you. Luisa: I see here that you contact us on 3/28/13 and we provide you the code. Luisa: That code was already expired on April 19th,2013. You: I'm looking at the 3/28 email from AAP and NO code was provided...Summary: Your order from Advance Auto Parts Category Level 1: Order Status Date Created: 03/28/2013 06:42 AM Last Updated: 03/28/2013 06:42 AM Status: Unresolved Luisa: I' m sorry but there is a note in your account, where says that you contact us on 3/28/13 and we provide you bounce back coupon code MAC4BB. You: I'm sorry nut that is NOT the case... this is the first time I'm seeing anything about coupon code MAC4BB!!! Luisa: The best that we con do for you is give $20 off $50. You: It is SUPPOSED TO BE $25 off my next order... which BTW I placed last week!!! Luisa: I am sorry, I see here that we already give you the code MAC4BB for $25 off $50 on 03/28/13. You: Do we have to go through this all oever again!!! AAP never sent me THE CODE!!! Luisa: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment. Luisa: We emailed out the coupons on March 20th 2013 at; beside this you contact us on March28th,2013 to claim the coupon and we provide you the code MAC4BB. You: ARGH!!! can you just go to your supervisor untell him/her something went obviosuly went wrong w/Mr. Jacobs coupoun and ask for their assistance in making things RIGHT for the customer? I don;t see why were waisting valauble time over this... Luisa: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. Luisa: Allow me a moment while I transfer. Please wait while I transfer the chat to Carlos. Thank you for chatting with Advance Auto Parts and Batteries. You are now chatting with Carlos. How may I assist you today? You: Please see chat this AM above Carlos: I will be right with you. Carlos: Hello. You: Yes Carlos: Are you making an order today? You: did you READ the chat above??? NO ORDER - AAP owes me a $25 coupon for previous order Carlos: I will be right with you. You: hello? Carlos: I see the notes left on your account where it states that you were provided the promotional code on 3/28/2013. Carlos: That offer now has expired. You: DID YOU READ ABOVE CONVERSATION W/LUISA!!! I never received any communication for AAP... who is your supervisor and how do I contact them by telephone? Carlos: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment. Carlos: I understand your frustration. You were suppose to receive it by email on the 20th of March however I see you contacted us on the 28th of March in order to get the coupon code. The reason you may have not received the coupon code is because you opted out from receiving and promotional emails from Advance Auto Parts. Would you like to enable this feature? You: We're going on an HOUR of everyone's time over a stupid $25 coupon... you side has already spent more than that dodging the issue You: Please answer my guestion... how is your supervisor and how do I contact them via telephone? Carlos: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. Carlos: I'm sorry for the delay. I'll be right with you. Carlos: I will be right with you. You: You know who Darren Jackson is? I'm going to copy this conversation today & send a copy with my COMPLAINT to the BBB reqarding AAP's deceptive marketing practices... and I'll be sure to send a copy of the Complaint to Mr. Jackson & highlight how Carlos could have taken this opprotuinty to out things right fot the customer... BUT FAILED TO DO SO!!! Carlos: Thank you for waiting. I'll be with you in just a moment. Carlos: My supervisor is Anselmo. Would you like for him to call you during business hours? You: please email me a copy of this chat transcript conversation today You: YES!, pls have Anselmo call me TODAY!!! You: Pls confirm Anselmo will be calling me You: Hello??? Carlos: I will. Carlos: He will call you. I am unable to send emails to you. I'm sorry for that. You: Very well... I have copied the HOUR + long chat/conversation and will share the level of customer service I've been accorded by AAP... Carlos: Is there anything else I can help you with today? Carlos: I have not heard from you for a few moments. Are you still with me? You: No... you & Luisa have been successful in waisting a signicant amount of eveyone's time as well as succeed in leaving a very bad taste in my mouth about my decision to by my auto parts needs from AAP On-line... thanks for starting my day off with your frustrating lack of customer service!!! Carlos: I'm sorry you feel that way. Unfortunately we tried to address your concerns the best possible and available options. You: And, believe me, next time I need auto parts I will certainly remember AAP's bait & switch tackets!!!

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