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30 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive Ann Arbor, MI 48106
Phone: (734)930-3030
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Domino's Pizza is the 2nd largest pizza outlet in the United States. The restaurant came into being in the year 1960 by Tom Monaghan and since then is offering delicacies to its customers. In the year 2004, Mr. Monaghan sold 93% of the company shares at nearly $1 billion to Bain Capital. It has over 10,000 franchised and corporate stores respectively in 50 states of America and in 70 economies. At Domino's Pizza, different Italian and American dishes and side dishes can be enjoyed with Pizza being the main focus. Even custom-made, traditional and other specialty pizzas are available as well.

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There are currently 14 consumer reviews about Dominos Pizza available. Share your review.

  • By Frank Baker - Posted on: May 10, 2013

    We ordered online, got a confirmation and the pizza was never delivered. Our phone number was correct as was all the information. The next day I called and was informed the store was not delivering to our area and we should of used another store and that we were supposed to pick up the order. Might of been nice to get a call to let us know that. Also the "general manager" would only refund the order in cash if I drove the 20 miles to his store to pick it up. When asked for the supervisor or owner, he stated he was the only one to talk to and I had made the mistake and was lucky to be offered my money back. Driving in traffic to and from, 40 miles and an hour and a half does not seem lucky nor customer friendly. That might be the reason Papa Johns and others are so popular! It helps not to rip off the customers that have been loyal....looks like Dominos Pizza has lost again...wonder how many friends, family, tweeters and every other way I have to spread the word and how many pizzas will stop being ordered as a result of an ignorant employee?

  • By drew sherman - Posted on: March 17, 2013

    Yes this is my second time ordering from dominos and I do not think I will ever order from you again....earlier this evening I ordered for my friends and I the 26.99 meal deal with an extra order of the 36 bread bites and when I received my order the pizzas looked as though they had been dropped and I was missing the bread I'm not one to make a big deal about stuff like this because I know accidents do happen but this is unacceptable and quite frankly unprofessional..i contacted the store to which I ordered my food from at number 734-528-1111 but was met with anything but pleasant customer service, I was not even offered a refund or anything...i will be calling you during business hours to discuss this matter, thank you...if you would like to reach me directly my telephone number is 735-325-0763

  • By Tim Maloney - Posted on: March 16, 2013

    After delivering what was not what we ordered, we called to inform the Domino's store with the anticipation of an apology and/or the option of correcting the mistake by bringing us the correct order. We were feeding 4 kids who were hungry and told them to start eating the food. The Dominio's manager, Casey Perkins (Louisville/JTown location) who wouldn't come to the phone said they will bring us the correct order only with the return of the incorrect portion of what they brought us. We finally realized we were negotiating to get what we originally ordered and told them we, who had ordered pizza from their store for the past 16 years, to forget it and we would never order from Dominos again.

  • By Michelle Bate - Posted on: October 27, 2014

    My 2 pizza was SOGGY at best. WET and SOGGY. I called back to the location. The manager ROB answers he sends me another Pizza it was Worse than the first one. In the top 3 worst Pizza's of my Lifetime. I showed the driver and gave him both Pizza's. I called the manager ROB back again. He then chewed me out for calling AFTER they closed and he scolded me for wanting my money back. I have not gotten my money back nor another pizza after another 20 wait. He used the F word when Telling me to Be nice to him. I was nice the first 2 times not the last time. 2 hours and I am still without my FOOD doesn't make anyone be NICE .....This was Perdido Key Florida. Horrible attitude service and food, The customer is never right at this location it seems.

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