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1441 Gardiner Ln. Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502)874-8300
Website: kfc.com
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KFC Corporation is a multinational fast food restaurant chain also known as Kentucky Fried Chicken. The American based restaurant is famous for its fried crispy chicken tenders. The world largest fried chicken chain has about 17,000 outlets in approximately 115 countries. The restaurant also ranks third largest restaurant chain with Subway and McDonalds at top. The subsidiary company of Yum Brands provides fried chickens, chicken burger, French fries, salads, desserts, breakfast, soft drinks, box meal, flavors and snacks. The company also provides sweet corn, smashed potatoes, Cole slaw, fresh backed biscuits, past, seasoned rice, potato wedges and salads.

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  • By DOUG - Posted on: May 18, 2013

    For several years I have avoided selecting KFC as a take out choice because it always seemed that the variety and pieces of chicken I preferred were seldom available, I always got the "I'm sorry we only have one grilled leg would you like an original or crispy leg to complete your order?" Yesterday I tried again. Two restaurants, one on Harrisburg Pike and one on Stringtown road in Columbus, Ohio had insufficient product to complete an order for a grilled breast and wing, and a second order with 3 grilled legs. At the first restaurant on Harrisburg Pike, after waiting about 10 minutes for staff to fill the previous order (which took some doing to get it right) and watching a line worker drop a pair of tongs on the floor and pick them up and put them back on the serving line, I was advised that there was not the desired pieces of grilled chicken available and would I take crispy or original. I asked to cancel the order, which a manager did without question, and my charge was reversed. At the Stringtown road store I inquired of the cashier as to whether or not the selection I preferred was available before bothering to ring in an order. Of course there was not. We ended up at Taco Bell. The attempt to offer variety coupled with keeping fresh product and controlling waste from product that might sit on the line too long is understandably a challenge to managing a location. Perhaps trying to offer too expansive of a menu is a problem. Might I suggest that a chicken inventory be devised. When the orders are rung in there is a record of what pieces of what variety are sold. If a system was developed that tracked the cooked chicken that was placed on the line, then the system and the cashier could know as they rang up the order if something was not available, and perhaps the wait time for it to come out of the fryer or off the grill. This would save customer frustration that results from waiting for an order to be filled, only to find that they cannot get what they ordered. It would also improve staff attitude and customer service as they would actually be able to fill the orders the way the customer expected. Now you offer original, extra crispy, chicken strips, and the new boneless. A way to manage what product needs backed up in order to give the customer what they prefer would be in your best interest. Thanks for listening,

  • By steven towers - Posted on: October 29, 2014

    the prices of chicken 8 pieces for $13.99 is $5.00 too high,also chicken isn't as good or as cheap as popeye's large sides shouldn't be higher than$1.99 not $3.59 also need more sides like broccili,peas,brussel sprouts and need too add 44 ounce beverage too beverage bar and coupons should include large beverage you shouldn't have too pay seperate with coupon should be included i visit the forrest avenue,dover,delaware location 3 times a week i never receive coupons in the mail i get them weekly from all other fast food businesses also senior citizen's age 60 and above should be given a 25% discount right now you offer a small drink valued at $1.29 that's not enough.

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