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1441 Gardiner Lane Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502)874-3000
Website: www.ljsilvers.com
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The Long John Silvers¬¬ Inc. is a fast food restaurant based in the United States of America. The brand name is borrowed from one of the main characters in the novel Treasure Island .The Company was a former division of Yum! Brands Inc. which bought it from Yorkshire Global Restaurants which had earlier acquired it after it went bankrupt. Its first restaurant was opened in the year 1969 located in Lexington in Kentucky. It is a private company and a subsidiary of the LJS Partners. Long John Silvers headquarters are in Lexington, Kentucky and it specializes in offering seafood as the main dish with other side dishes as French fries corn and coleslaw to its customers.

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There are currently 13 consumer reviews about Long John Silvers available. Share your review.

  • By Roanoke, VA - Posted on: May 9, 2013

    Please bring back the wraps that you had in the 90's. Those were the best wraps ever. I have tried to recreate them and it is not possible. In today's busy world, wraps are very convenient. Please consider bringing those back.

  • By William - Posted on: May 28, 2013

    You had the best tea in the COUNTRY- and now you have RUINED it! Why would you change the brand and how it is made???? Stupidity at its best- I guess saving a penny is worth losing customers- my family for one

  • By marian - Posted on: May 25, 2013

    Mt Pleasant Pa i'm very disappointed in the Mt Pleasant Long Johns and some of the people whom run it not all but some need fired or let go I will never go their again nor will my family and I will tell all my friends about it also I have always enjoyed your food and at lent we eat a lot of fish but I will find somewhere else to go

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