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2202 N West Shore Blvd 5th Fl Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813)282-1225
Website: www.outback.com
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Outback Steakhouse is a chain of restaurants based on Australian theme and OSI Restaurant Partners own this chain of restaurants. Now, the company owns over six hundred restaurants at national locations and over hundred restaurants at international locations. There are 153 franchised locations of this company as well. The company has its headquarters in Tampa, Florida. The restaurants serve meat dishes known for their heavy seasoning. The restaurants also put forward gluten-free menu, which comprise of standard menu items with a few variations. The company sponsors NCAA Outback Bowl and it support a number of charitable communities established in the locations of their restaurants.

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  • By Linda C - Posted on: May 24, 2013

    I am not one who complains but I come in Outback a lot and it's sad that some people are ungreatful of there jobs. I am writing to express my total dissatisfaction with one of the workers who work behind the bar and serves. I do not know her name, all I know is that she seems to be Puerto Rican with black hair. Not sure if she was having a bad day or what but this was the 2nd time she had served us as a waitress and it was horrible!!!! She had a huge unfriendly attitdue and both of our meals came out 25mins passed our time that we ordered them. A MG came over to offer us free stuff but that is not why we go out to eat. We just wanted to nice evening together. It really upset me that our waitress had time to stop and gossip but could not fill up our drinks. She for some reason could not smile. I truly feel that this gilr needs more tranning or a diffrent job. I hope that next time we are in the Inverness Outback that we get Kevin,Amber or Celeste. They have always been very good to us!!!!! Seems to me there is new MG at this Outback. Leo was the a great one!

  • By anonymous - Posted on: May 21, 2013

    I'm an employee at Outback steakhouse at Perimeter in Atlanta, GA. I just don't know who else to contact to inform what is going on at our restaurant. Some of us as an employee get treated a certain way while others get away with so much. My co worker got fired almost two weeks ago from the kitchen due to calling out and being late which is understandable but than there is others like for example Christian that has a great relationship with them and he also works in the kitchen. He is almost always late and always has an excuess like his daughter or car or so on. I don't find that fair due to his actions of coming to work late or just showing up with a bad hang over, yet nobody says anything to him. I believe we should all be treated the same and if punctuality is being serious than it should be to everyone. I hope this gets to somebody and can make things right at work.

  • By Tim Keagy - Posted on: May 19, 2013

    After having a bad experience a year ago at the Gainesville FL location, we thought we'd give it another try last night. 1. Seating was a calamity. Took us to a both in the back room where I couldn't fit. Was told to wait for a table to open; by that time over 20 people were seated. We just walked into the bar and sat at a table there. 2. My wife ordered the Outback Steakhouse martini which took over twenty minutes to be served; 3 bar tenders were standing around watching a trainee. When it arrived the glass was only half full. What's with that? 3. We ordered the filet and shrimp, added a salad. The salad was minimal with chunks of the bottom of lettuce, most undesirable. My steak was small, very small not 6oz. And tough and had thick grizzle almost like it was a rib-eye trimmed. Mine was more well done than what I ordered-medium well with pink middle. 4. Manager offered dessert, but we were not interested, just wanted a good meal. He then returned with a card for an appetizer on our next vist...but it said it expired on 1/13/13. We were there last night 5/18/13. As we were leaving we gave the card for appetizers to a young couple coming in before their prom. The only good part of the experience was our server Anistasia (sp?). Shrimp was good, but very very small! We don't want any favors related to Outback! We will never eat there again! Our friends have told us several times that they will never go there again, and this our third bad experience will NEVER return. Sincerely, Tim Gainesville FL

  • By LORI - Posted on: May 10, 2013

    The restaurant and food were very good. The customer service from the corporate office is the worst. Have contacted these people via email for two weeks and still no response. If you are not going to honor the programs why have them?

  • By Richard Gallagher - Posted on: April 26, 2013

    While visiting Outback in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Proprietor, Brent Lunnen visited our table and welcomed us. He carefully explained the special which we ordered and it was fantastically delicious. My highest applause goes to this newly renovated and expanded restaurant. When in Charlottesville, VA don't miss having lunch and dinner here !

  • By No - Posted on: March 27, 2013

    I was an employee for you for13 years and on march 20 I was let go .i was told it was business ,nothing personal.whats wrong with this picture?

  • By Clifford Kinney - Posted on: March 17, 2013

    I am writing to let the Management know that we have no manager at our Outback Steakhouse at Panama City, Florida. My wife and I would like you to know we have been going the restaurant for the past sixteen years. Every manager right up to Craig Forster have been outstanding individuals. We would like to see this tradition continue and give input on Mr. Michael Noll currently in the running for the Manager Position. Mr. Noll since Craig Forster has left has been extremely good coming to our table letting us know how important it is to him that we have a very good experience evey time we go to the Outback restaurant. He is well versed in the way each item potatoe, steak, etc., is prepared and how important the selection of meat is done. It is for the above reasons I would like to let you know we hope he will be our next manager. He represents the outstanding service and personable way people are served is why we believe he should be selected. We understand by the staff at the restaurant they have trust and feel Mr. Noll meets all standards to become the next manager over them. In addition, we know that this selection is being made at the restaurant this coming Tuesday and hope that top Management will consider our input and insight as positive and useful to the final descision this Tuesday. Again we love our Outback Restaurant at Panama City and appreciate the staff and management who provide the top quality of any steak house in the area. Respectfully, Clifford A. Kinney II P.S.: I am a holder of a Masters Degree in Business Administration with 30 plus years in Executive Management for the State of Michigan. So I am hopeful my credentials will be of some value in making your decision this Tuesday with regards to Mr. Noll.

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