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Rooms To Go is a popular furniture store in Seffner, Florida that operates near about 106 stores in different US states like Texas, Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Puerto Rico, Mississippi, and many other states as well. The company started its journey in September of 1990. Mr. Morty and Jeffrey Seaman are known as the founder fathers of the organization. Stephen Buckley is the present CEO of the organization and in 2007, the company employed near about 7000 full time employees. Record says that the company earns revenue of 1.75 billion US dollars per year. Earlier Rooms To Go was known as Seaman Furniture Company.

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  • By C. Tucker & J. Escamilla - Posted on: June 21, 2013

    We ordered furniture from Rooms to Go in Arlington,TX. We originally were going to p/u the furniture on 6/14/13 because they said they could not deliver to Amarillo. Then we were told they could ship it to Lubbock and we could p/u at that location, so we decided to have it shipped to Lubbock,TX (closer to our home). We were told it was going to ready for p/u on 6/21/13 to find out on 6/20/13 (from the LUBBOCK store) that it wouldnt be there and the paperwork wasnt even turned in to them (Lubbock). NO ONE at the Arlington store knew what was going on, everyone was blaming everyone else & we kept getting 'accidentally' hung up on. We also were told in the midst of all of this that there was only partial furniture to pick up because of it being on back order which we were NEVER told that up front. Only our coffee table & end tables were on back order. For TWO days talking to everyone but someone that could help, a manager finally gets on the phone to say there was nothing he could do and that the conversation was over and to not call the store again. He was talking to my finace in a very unprofessional way and called him 'dude'. We said to just refund what money we put down and cancel the order and the "manager" said there would be a 20% fee and we wouldnt receive all of our money. We do not have ONE piece of furniture and have been treated with disrespect! That is the worst customer service and unorganized store we have ever dealt with!! They are rude and could careless that THEY made many mistakes in this sale. Our saleman kept getting the blame for the mistakes which is wrong! He did his part and because of everyone else, he lost his sale (which we know is commission). There needs to be more training on how each person should handle customers and exactly what their job title is and what their job discription entails. We have calls in to corporate and to the district manager....and of course no one has returned them!

  • By Carlos - Posted on: May 3, 2013

    Worst customer service ever manager and associates I never go back to this company after spend about $6.000 dollars . They don't show any respect for customer I will make sure that I let know this to all my friends and family

  • By Cross Family - Posted on: May 27, 2013

    Our experience thus far has been terrible. We thought we were getting exactly what was on the showroom(even went back with the salesman to go over everything before we left)but when our furniture arrived(part of it anyway, the rest was on back order)there was a piece missing. It's only been 2 1/2 months sense the order was made in the store and it will be another 3-4 weeks before we get the back order piece.!!! So we go into the store the day after they delivered part of our furniture to tell them a piece was missing(not the piece on back order by the way)and asked to speak with a manager. Big mistake!!! A manager by the name of Landon finally came out after about 30min. of talking with a salesman(which was very nice and had great customer service). "Landon" was very rude and pretty much blamed us for our missing piece of furniture. There were around 15 customers standing around shaking there heads in disbelief. After seeing that we were getting nowhere with Landon I told him that if he was going to be like that we would just return the furniture we had and simply take our business elsewhere. He said that wasn't an option! No returns after 48hrs of purchase. This furniture hasn't even been in our house 24hrs. His answer was"deal with our legal dept.". I wouldn't recommend doing business with rooms to go in Midland Texas!!! Landon must not be from around here because folks from around here don't treat their customers like that!!!!! And on top of that...our couch wasn't put together right, a roller is missing from the coffee table, there are 2 places on the couch where the leather is scratched and defected, the back legs on the chase are missing. Horrible!!! We spent 5,000 dollars in that store and was told "to bad". Hopefully "Landon" isn't a reflexion of rooms to go corporate.

  • By D Ford - Posted on: May 14, 2013

    I have been trying to get the customer service department to email me the form to order the accent pillows from a different couch then what I ordered. These accent pillows match the accent chair that I purchased. The first time that I called the CS rep told me that she would email me the forms after 3 hours I never got the email so I called back and spoke to another CS rep. This person also promised that they would email the forms. TO my amazement NO FORMS (this was on a Saturday) So by this time Cust service had closed. I then called on Monday and was then told that only the supervisor can send out emails and I asked why did the other 2 people not tell me this information. The rep said she did not know why. I then asked to speak with a Customer Service supervisor and was told that they were at lunch. I was told that I needed someone to contact me ASAP and they told me that the standard call back from a supervisor is 24 to 48 hours. I am a supervisor in a call center and all of the above is not the way things should be handled. If my furniture had not already been delivered I would cancel and tell everyone I know to NEVER order from Rooms to go.

  • By Anne Hodges - Posted on: April 23, 2013

    If you want to have furniture delivered damage and the replacement also delivered damage this is the company you want to use. Obviously no one inspects the replacement. Then I had to hold for over 25 mintues while I write this review in order to speck with a supervisor in regards to the poor service I recieved during the delivery of my furniture. I have lived and learn to buy furniture from any store but Rooms to Go.

  • By B Bingaman - Posted on: March 18, 2013

    I have been working with a salesperson in Pensacola Florida. I was looking for a livingroom suite and a king bedroom suite. I went when it was presidents dale sale. I am disabled and since I was working over the phone with a salesperson I waited about 40 minutes before she could help me. I picked out ths bedroom suite and there ws a coupon for 200.00"get a King bed for the price of a queen bed" Also a free 32 inch TV. I thought this was great. I also found a living room suite. When she was ringing it up the 1st time she forgot to put in the ottoman this was at 8:49 pm. The bedroom suite was 2999.99 for a king headboard,the slat for under bed, dresser, mirror,nightstand and ligerie chest and a free TV. The living room set was a couch, loveset she forgot the ottoman. I was also buying a daybed. She was so nice and sweet that night. The sales order was wrong because she forgot ottoman.the 2nd time she put in the sales order it was 9:03 the bed was increased to 3199.99, the 4th time 9:09, and the last time was 9:12. I gor to looking at all of the sales tickets and the bedroom price was now 3199.00 and a FREE 43" TV. I have called and sent numerous messages to her and finally faxed her the paperwork and explained it to her. She said I was wrong and there was no coupon for a king bed for the price of a queen bed. Even though I have the paper. She said she was the best sales person there for the last 5 years and she knows that I would not of gotten a free TV and use a coupon. I asked her if that was not false advertisement she said no. She proceeded to tell me that she knows what she is talking about and it does't work that way. I still have not heard back so that is why I am writing this. I will be cancelling this order because of how I was treated and for the false information on the TV because it is not free according to her it doesn't work that way.

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