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2401 Utah Ave. South Seattle, WA 98134
Phone: (206)447-1575
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Starbucks Corporation is a renowned American company, producing coffee for its global market. Headquarter of this coffeehouse chain is located in Seattle, Washington. This chain of coffee company has its branches in other countries also, like Japan, South Korea, China, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Canada, etc. The company was originally established in Seattle in 1971, as a local retailer and roaster of coffee beans. Initially, the operations started as 'Pequod', following the name of it's chief mate and used to sell only roasted coffee. From 1990 onwards, Starbucks started its venture to conquer the world, opening its stores in major countries around the world.

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  • By Patricia Wallace - Posted on: March 29, 2013

    I've lived in Seattle for 8 years and I've dranked coffee since I was a child. Starbucks coffee is one the best I've had. My complaint is in regards to two store locations which are pike and 3rd, Pike place Market.The bathroom have been out of order for over a month at the first location,Sorry does'nt cut it when you've got to go amd search for a near by bathroom by. The store is always busy with never ending customers standing in line waiting to be served.Question for you,where does your employees go when they need to use the bathroom.The other store that is located at pike street market don't have a bathroom.I guess it's pretty hard to invest in a plumer to repair the problem or build one.

  • By Ian - Posted on: February 22, 2013

    22/2/2013 Sanya Dadonghai, China Hi, I am not sure where this email will go to, maybe Shanghai maybe direct to Sanya. I live and work in Sanya and many foreigners want feedback, "what is Stars like at Summer Mall"--- me being the only one that frequently goes there fo coffee....PEACE and QUIET...more coffee maybe a cake and met with other foreigners. The feedback! 1.No internet and it has been this way fr weeks...sure there is internet but only in the front section right by the counter! Why? What take Starbucks International might I add, so long to rectify and internet connection…..a WIFI service that can be relocated in the store so that the entire store has internet? If this does not work…install a second service! Stars makes enough profit to afford a second WIFI!! 2. Serving is mayhem. To slow, confusion behind counter and people push in as they exit the elevator. Can't a retractable ribbon be installed with "queue this way in THREE languages..Russian, English and Chinese?! 3. By the time a patron gets their coffee it is cold...due to congestion behind the counter and the HOT WATER too cold! Some like it hot...some like it cold! I like mine HOT HOT! 4. This is the most serious complaint! Kids running wild….Climbing chairs walking on the circular cushion with dirty shoes and dirt feet. I give up! I am sure this is McDonalds or KFC..surely not the kind of STARBUCKS where one can sit and enjoy EXPENSIVE coffee in PEACE and quiet. I Is this a children’s playground...or WHAT? Mind you, they don’t drink coffee but take sugar! 5. SMOKING..I don’t know why no smoking signs are not installed? I have to get up and in CHINSWE tell the person BU CHO YAN..and immediately they kill their cigarette obviously knowing they are in the wrong! So many times now I sit down and open my computer and use my own WIFI...but the quiet is soon gone and this is problem persists the entire day...some many times I have packed my computer...called my buddies and changed venue! I have visited many Starbucks internationally and this is by far the worst! I wonder how many other mainland Chinese have come and been disappointed with service? I have seen so many ask about internet, from at kids running wild..and angry because they stand and wait so long for their order! The holiday rush is almost over…then your patrons become the locals! Remember the winter season is short….two months…then the locals hopefully might support Stars. DO something! Thank you! Sydney S.

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