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208 S. Akard St. Dallas, TX 75202
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AT&T is a leading name in telecommunication industry and it deals in wireless services, cell phones, high-speed internet, digital TV, home phone, DSL, and many other communication services. AT&T Corporate Office Headquarters is in downtown Dallas in Texas. The company is now one of the largest providers of fixed as well as mobile telephony. The company has a customer base of more than 100.7 million customers. AT & T offers many flexible mobile plans and even operates on 4G network and offer U-verse service as well. The company also rolls out high-speed internet service to rural areas to expand its reach. The company also donates a lot of money to political campaigns.

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  • By Kim - Posted on: September 8, 2013

    Ordered a phone online for my mom. Planned to have her current number transferred over and that line would be added to my current bill. In the end needed to return phone. 4 days out from 30 day grace period. Customer service over the phone cold not help me. Went into the store told I would have to pay to have service terminated. Phone is still in box, never been used, never even turned on. Too bad so sad attitude. Dale at the Centennial Hills location is the worst. Run if you get him. Second call and the lady was ale to get a $100 credit, but I am out close to $400 over the next 2 months. I have to pay for the service for 2 months on a phone that has never been turned on plus the fees to deactivate a service I never agreed to. Was under the impression I had to come into a store to have cell activated with moms current cell number. This is not the first time I have had customer service issues with this company, wold leave if I could.

  • By M.M. WALKER - Posted on: September 4, 2013

    Randall L. Stephenson, Jr. CEO AT&T 5404 Walnut Hill Lane Dallas, Texas 75229 Dear Sir: My flip phone AT&T Z221 quit working and battery charge hole had a bent place. So I went to get a new phone, AT&T did not have another one with big numbers and letters. They sent me to Walmart. I bought the closest thing possible which is a Samsung SGH-a157. It is totally unsatisfactory. The phone numbers I cannot find out how to pull them up, or the contacts. My sim card was supposedly changed but NO contacts show up. I am so tired. I am 83 years old and have spent 4 hours going from AT&T store, to battery store for old phone, back to AT&T who them sent me way down the street to Walmart and then I had to go back to AT&T to have my phone numbers put in new phone. New phone still does not work. This new phone is sold as a contract phone but I wanted to sue it as I have done with my old one paid by my daughter, Darden weiss. I would like to return this new unsatisfactory phone but it is another 10 miles to and home in a 1998 car with no AC and no shock absorbers. Please advise me what to do. This new phone is an AT&T but the AT&T store did not have one like my old one which worked perfectly. That’s what I want, the old one with big =numbers easy to find my directory. So today was a complete waste of my time and my money of which is very limited as I live on Social Security. My questions are: 1. Can a go phone be used with another phone plan? 2. Why can’t I find my numbers that should have been transferred with Sim Card? 3. Can this particular phone be on plan as my last one was? Please advise ASAP as I am completely with out a phone when I am in my 15 year old car. Thank you in advance. Sincerely, Margaret McBride Walker 3145 Mangum Drive Cumming, Ga. 30041 I have a house phone but do not know the number as I cannot get to it on my new phone which should have all names and addresses changed to new phone.

  • By April B - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    I agree AT&T has the worst customer service ever it took me over five months to get a bill straightened out and then as soon as they finally did get it fixed boom they turned it over to a collection agency reported it to my credit bureau without even giving me the chance to pay the bill as soon as they got it fixed I am in the process of hiring an attorney to take this to court to have it removed I can prove that it took them several months to fix the bill. I can also prove that I paid the bill prior to it being reported to my credit bureau the collection agency that they used was called print Parker. They were very rude I also explain to them that it took several months to get the Bill fixed and that I had paid the bill prior to them reporting it to my credit bureau they said they would not remove it that they would only updated as paid I will not accept that I plan to take this to court.

  • By anonymous - Posted on: September 22, 2020

    AlexAL754hATT technician is the best technician in Reno Nevada, 10 stars Professional and totally polite. We are with a sister ATT company that is a part of their network at Great Basin. This outstanding ATT Alex technician made sure there was a safety strip, plug, and carefully checked the modem for data and firewall, data filling all levels to make sure no one breaks into our system again. Thank you Alex for your very professional action and politeness, something that is very hard to find nowadays. Sure hope ATT treats this technician as one of their top employees, and with politeness the way he treats his clients. What a great ATT technician in Reno Nevada.

  • By L. Hall - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    Only reason the rating is one star is because there is no choice for 0 stars. AT&T has absolutely no intention of trying to resolve customer complaints/disputes. I made three calls and spoke to three different customer service reps. requesting that a supervisor be involved, I was: 1st call) Given incorrect information; 2nd call) requested that a supervisor be involved and was told that they were busy and would call me the next day @ 11:00 AM, which DID NIOT happen; 3rd call) after explaining the issue AGAIN, I was put on hold waiting for a supervisor for over 30 minutes at which time the service rep. came on the line and told me that the supervisor would call me immediately and that she had to disconnect from the call. The line went dead-she hung up on me. No supervisor called. AT&T has no regard for their customers after you sign up for their service/s. When and if you have an issue, It seems that the reps. very politely read from a script without deviating. Good luck at resolving your issue - just do what they say, right or wrong, and send them money. I for one don't need AT&T, but AT&T needs customers like me who pay promptly for the subscribed services. They seem to think they are above their customers, when their customers are the reason they are in business. I for one am done with AT&T!!!!!!

  • By Shannon House - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    Yes, apparently I am not a valleys customer, in the past 5 days I have been put on hold for at least a total of 15 hours on the phone, that’s not counting being put on hold in chat. I got through twice, transferred 4 times and then hung up in, the second spoke to your supervisor Esther Bethlehem, and I only know because she, without my authorization removed 71 dollars from my bank account, it was credited right back but how was she able to do that? She promised to put me through to sales, at first offering some deal that was worse than I could get directly on line. I told her that I should be compensated for my frustration and lack of respect that I have received. I got a automated voice who told me that an upgrade would cost me over $400 today because I had to pay my bill, I don’t owe a bill, I paid it last week. I have 0 balance. I don’t want to switch but have been offered three times an explanation of how to terminate my service despite my saying that I was happy with my actual service, just very angry at the lack of customer service. All I wanted was to upgrade my daughters phone and see about switching to AT&T TV. I’m beyond angry and feel as if your company has no care for the customers, I need the phone so I go back online and again for the 6th time, I ordered the phone, paid the $200 , money was deducted along with the $70 that for reason, I guess maybe Esther thought I owed her for her time. I apologized for my anger to her and the other 5 guys who kept playing hot potatoe with my call. Anyway, my order was once again #6, cancelled with no explanation only this time my money was deducted from my account. Concerns 1.How was Esther Bethlehem able to withdraw $70 without my Authorization? 2. What is going on that after all these years I can’t get a phone. 3. Why can’t someone tell me the issue? 4. Your customer service is nil. 5.Are all your customers expendable, or did I just win the lottery? 6. How are we going to resolve this? 7. How did Esther withdraw money from my account? I will wait for a response from someone through tomorrow. After that I will be making multiple complaints to multiple agencies and seeking legal advice about money being withdrawn without authorization or knowledge.

  • By Joyce Williams - Posted on: September 18, 2020

    During trying to clean up downed trees my husband lost his phone. so I called AT&T to report it as lost. This has been a total night mare They said they were sending out a new phone, then we fond the phone I called them back to let them know. I was told I should refuse the package. So I did. now i am being told that They should have recalled it. I have made calls every day several time a day trying to get his phone off black list. I am told no I should have accepted the new phone.The phone Samsung 10c is a piece of crap. They tell me in order to close my account I must return phones.So I dove a hour one way to Leesville, LA corp store had to wait outside for two hours any to be told they could not accept them. It seems like no one knows what the heck is going on. I am paying for a phone I can not use.. I do not have the $999 to pay off contract. We have lost just about everything in Hurricane Laura. But AT& T does not care.I have been with them for over 27 years. I should be entitled to a get out of contract free and you take these darn phones.. I for one and fed up of getting the run around.

  • By K Mc - Posted on: September 17, 2020

    You cannot get a hold of anyone at the corporate office. I followed the steps like they asked us to by sending in a letter if you have a complaint and it has been over two weeks and have not heard anything back about the letter. Poor customer service and I am surprise they are treating customers like this because I like ATT services.

  • By Beverly Aguglia - Posted on: September 11, 2020

    To AT&T Corporate Staff: What Happened to the the well managed, efficient, excellent service AT&T provided? You have become lower than low regarding service. Today I spent too much time attempting to get a land line installed at an Assisted Living facility. It got WORSE with each transfer! The employee who answered my call (Tina Evans) did her best to help. She went beyond her job duties trying to find someone to help me. What Happened to you AT&T? The worst service EVER! Consequently, I'll be contacting Spectrum for phone service. I'm so sad, AT&T is so poorly managed. You were once Outstanding ! Shame On All of You.

  • By Given Up... - Posted on: August 5, 2013

    Absolutely the WORST customer service! This corporation has gotten to big for its britches! Customer service staff are not empowered to do anything but transfer you to someone else. Overseas help have horrible scripts to read from and can't help with anything but remember your name. All I wanted was to have my new, out of the box AT&T cordless home phone to work. It will make calls but can't receive calls. I spent over an hour on my cell phone trying to figure out what was wrong. I now have a service call tomorrow, why, I don't know. I was told I need a DSL filter, why, I don't know. My old cordless didn't need a filter and it worked great except the screen was going black and you couldn't see caller ID any longer. If I didn't run a business out of my home, (and there were other options) they would be given "THE BOOT"!! Hey AT & T time to get your s**t together and learn from all of your complaints!

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