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1815 North West River Road Minneapolis, MN 55401
Phone: (612)588-7600

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Carpet King is a reputed flooring industry that started business venture in 1946. The company sells and even arranges installation of flooring products of a wide variety of brands. Their main area of service focuses on flooring, dealing in pre-finished wooden floors, and installing floors of cork, tile, laminate, vinyl etc. the company also deals in various samples of finest fiber selection including Anso and Dupont. They have various stores at 10 convenient locations throughout Twin Cities. They even offer expert advice on flooring. Carpet King has a wide range of flooring products of major manufacturers and mills. They offer scheduled online appointments at high discounts.

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  • By Gary & Jeanne Erickson - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    I won't be writing a review at this time, but may write one later. Shirley Hager at the 2115 N Snelling store has been very helpful. This review I'm considering does not involve her. We had some work done through Carpet King as a follow up to water in our family room in New Brighton, MN after a torrential rain fall a few weeks back. Carpet King installed the sheet vinyl in that room two years ago. We had water in the family room prior to two years ago and then took out the carpeting that had been installed by Carpet King 6+ years before the vinyl install. We have been very good customers. The latest episode involves the price that Carpet King charged us to glue a couple of seams in the vinyl where we had to cut the vinyl to dry out the floor. A fellow by the name of Juliano(spelling?) has been most uncooperative in listening to our story...the review, if I do write it, will involve him. Shirley has to whole story or you can call me also. Shirley told me today, 7/15/13, she was going to talk with Juliano's supervisor about the situation and that is why I'm not writing a review at this time. I hope you do look into this because we are incredibly disappointed with the cost at this time. Gary Erickson 1911 15th Ave NW St. Paul, MN 55112 land phone 651-6369788 cell phone 651-492-4265

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