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1 Coca-Cola Plaza Atlanta, GA 30313
Phone: (404)676-2121

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Coca Cola is a very popular brand of carbonated soft drinks and the headquarters of the company is situated in a Midtown Atlanta, Georgia. The company was launched in the year 1886 and it produces the drinks in different flavors, which includes Cola Cherry, Cola Green Tea, Cola Lime, etc. The company has introduced a number of soft drinks like RC Cola, Zam Zam Cola, Evoca Cola, Pepsi, Cola Turka, etc. One of the most common and the most popular soft drinks is the Diet Coke. In 2011 company celebrated it's 125 anniversary.

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  • By Anonymous tampa,fl - Posted on: June 17, 2013

    Pay sucks why is it a new transport guy makes 4.70 more an hour than he guys who have already been doing it for years Coca Cola needs to step up and pay its employees right also don't née to be threatened by plant and warehouse managers when I call hr for complaints especially when they show up to work drunk awesome NOT plus non potable water that causes hepatitis a and Nora virus really can't afford softener system

  • By pat - Posted on: April 15, 2013

    this is a note about the office that services albany,ga area i manage a store that is serviced by the plant in syslvester ga. this branch does not work with the store on ads and they don't they work with the manager . it is all cokes way or no way . i know that i am cokes customer and should get better service. i have to go out of my to insure that my customers are satified and i think coke as big of company as it is should threat it customers the same.

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