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203 E. Main St. Spartanburg, SC 29319
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Dennys Corporation formerly known as Dannys Coffee Shop is a family coffee shop and a restaurant chain in United States. This company was founded in 1953 with its headquarters in Spartanburg, South Carolina. The corporation has about 1600 restaurants in the United States which are owned or franchised. Dennys Corporation is also in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Mexico, United Arab Emirates, etc. The company offers breakfast that includes hamburgers, steaks, salads and dessert, and also lunch and dinner. The company is open throughout the day and is open on holidays except if there is any enforcement of law as to close the restaurant.

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  • By Diana -Houston - Posted on: September 1, 2013

    Denny's restaurant on 20015 45 north is the worst. We arrived after a concert to have dinner. What was a great night turned out to be a terrible one with the customer service at this establishment. We waited almost 20 mins if not longer until we flagged a waitress for our order to be taken and she didnt seem to happy about it but took it and brought out food and that was the last we saw of her. We then had to wait for our check and had to flag down a waiter to get it so we could pay. The table next to us had dirty napkins on the floor no one never picked up. Once i went up to pay for my meal I couldn't leave without informing the "Manager" of our experience.. Did we get an apology or empathy Hell No no we did not. Next time i will go to IHOP.

  • By Kim - Posted on: August 7, 2013

    New Philadelphia Ohio Denny's is a terrible. Management is non existent. If it wasn't for a young lady name sara we would have never gotton our stuff. And some pregnant girl there need fired. She treated everyone like crap. No more Denny's for us

  • By Linda Conrad - Posted on: August 7, 2013

    I was visiting your Denny's in mount Vernon Kentucky because of bad service you sent me two free grand slams we went there me,my sister,husband we ask before we ordered if the coupons were good they said no case we loose money ,you will have to use them at corporate office Denny's .and because if you can't use Denny coons at Denny's where can u use them? They lost three customers something needs to be done about this restaurant ,I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.This the second time I had bad service there at mount Vernon Kentucky.If they don't get new management they will be closing they surely do not put the customer first.This happened on my birthday August sixth 2013

  • By Lisa - Posted on: August 4, 2013

    I just left Denny's in new Philadelphia Ohio. There was a pregnant girl there named Cheyenne The rudest waitress ever. She even tried to start fight with another waitress. If I was that other girl I would have slugged her. The other waitress small little girl sara I think was bustin her butt and running. While the loud mouth just wanting to start fight. The smaller waitress was a perfect lady and handled herself wonderfully. I will never go there again. Management didn't even care. Hats off to the small girl name sara for picking up the slack of generally a bunch of lazy waitress and being a lady. That pregnant girl needs to learn to be a lady and grow up. Other customers were also horified by her. And they lived in area and said they won't be back and told that sara she was too good for that place.

  • By Robert - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    August 14, 2013 at 1:30 PM Approximately ... I Just Left the Denny's on I-25 & Academy in Colorado Springs, CO after ordering a Lunch ... I Was VERY Disappointed by the Customer Relations from them ... Even worse, French Fries is a Cheap Item that Cost Nothing to a Chain like this ... Here's what Happened, I had in the past ordered the Chicken-Wraps and they come with chips ... I Don't Like Hard Crunchy Chips, and in the past was given French Fries in place of them from one of the Other Denny's ... This had led me to believe it was an option of chips or fries, and therefore I asked for fries and the server had not indicated to me that it was not a option ... after eating my meal, I had looked at the check and saw that a bill had also a charge for the fries ... I brought this to the attention of the server who in turn got Jeremy a acting manager for the shift to talk to me ... He in turn WAS Very RUDE to Me, and I stated that I have no problem paying for the fries but the customer satisfaction and relations mean's I won't eat there anymore and will go to Village Inn where they have treated me with excellent superior class customer relations daily ... Yes I frequent the Eating Out and Denny's in the Springs (Pete with RockyMountainHoldings, LLC.) will LOSE Out on My Future Business (Several $'s in Fact) ... This was ALL Over French Fries and a Sad Public Relations with Customer Satisfaction ... I Won't Hold this Against other Denny's in Other States ... I AM Done with the Springs though ... Very Upset Customer and Now Happy at V.I. where I AM Treated as a Human Being Should Be ... Shalom

  • By tripp harris - Posted on: July 4, 2013

    my family and i were dining for brunch at the dennys on i drive in orlando florida. i feel that the resturaunt was understaffed in that food was coming out slow and the poor servers were way in over their heads trying to keep up and handle the needs of all of their guests. we had a wonderful waiter, brandon i think his name was, and was very accomadating to our needs, however, because of the lack of staff and organization we had to wait ten minutes at times just for a refil of coffee. also, rather than assisting the staff, which i feel management should do when needed, i over heard one of the managers yelling at one of the servers with in ear shot of my family using inapropriate words and eventually told his employee to clock out and that he was done for the day. the employee was my server and when he mentioned that he still had guests to finish up with, his manager told him that he did not care and demanded that ge clock out anyways. as a business owner, myself, i feeal this was very inapropriate behavior from management and un fair to the employee. if an issue needs to be addressed it should be done so in a professional manner and preferably in the office or in the back where guests cannot hear. so kuddos to the dennys staff who i felt were all working hard that day and a major BOOOOO to their managers. im not saying that i will never eat at dennys again but the likelyhood of dining at that one are slim to none. i just thought you guys might want to look into that because reguardless of rank or position, no employee deserves treatment of that nature and especially in front of customers.

  • By Courtney - Posted on: July 27, 2014

    Your company fired my sister today (7-27-14) with no explanation. This happened on the Elmira Rd Dennys in Ithaca NY, 14850. She was so upset because she loves her job and she was doing her best there doing her job right. I would like to know what the corporate people are going to do about that before we sew because we have a family full of lawyers, cops, judges, and FBI agents which are the best around anywhere. This place had my sister come home upset and in tears and she doesn't get that way unless she was really upset about something. You guys need better management and open your eyes to the good employees that you are firing. Have a nice day.

  • By Nancy Greenside - Posted on: June 26, 2013

    Breakfast was great but coffee was horrible since you changed brands. Disappointed in the coffee and it would have been nice to have a great cup of coffee. The coffee used to be great, now it sucks.

  • By Edith Riley - Posted on: May 6, 2013

    On our travel route, we stopped at Denny's #7101, Elk City, OK for breakfast. To our surprise, it was the dirtiest place we had been in on our one month journey across country in March/April. The carpet looked like it hadn't been vacuumed or washed in months! The food and service was good, as always.

  • By Barbara Riowland - Posted on: May 17, 2013

    Just finished eating at the Denny"s in Ceres Ca, We went in because we had coupons,we went with another couple so we each had separate coupons,the new one that came in the newspaper insert,so we went to pay with ours then the cashier went over to her manager who was eating at a table,she came back and informed us that we couldn't use the 20% coupon because we had ordered one of their 2 -4-6- meals,our total was 19.55 and that corporate was getting really tight about people using these since they felt we were already getting a discount! Then my Sister in law tried using her 5.00 off coupon on their 22.??meal,and was told they couldn't use theirs because they got a skillet and that was considered a promotional item,and that we could go and speak to the manager. So after we paid we did go and speak with the manager,and he pointed out the( promotional)on the coupon,that came out with the skillet picture with attached coupons.I would like to say this is very misleading and another point is if a customer is already pissed enough to talk with a manager your company should have enough good sense to say I will give it to you this time,but check with the waitress before you order next time.I am going to post my review on my F.B. page and also on Yelp as word of mouth been their done that don't like your policies.I have frequented the five corners in Modesto and have never been treated like this.Really disappointed customer!!!In this time of couponing You guys need to get it together,because now you are coming across as bait and switch,I just wrote a new review on Yelp about this matter of Dennys non response to me!

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