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2230 E. Imperial Hwy El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: (310)964-5000

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An American service for broadcasting satellite television, DirecTV provides digital television network telecasting to innumerable household of the United States, Anglophone Caribbean and even Ibero-America. Primary competitors of this telecasting network are providers of cable television networks and Dish Network. Telecast of satellite service of this network started in June 17, 1994. DirecTV specializes in transmitting programs through encryption in order to mitigate piracy of signal. The network became popular being able to provide its digital television service to about 19.89 million people in the year 2011. DirecTV also provides important mobile services for boats, cars, DirecTV Airborne as well as DirecTV Mobile in collaboration with Connexion.

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  • By Mark Hajdu - Posted on: September 9, 2013

    Worst run company I have ever seen....been on hold for an hour!

  • By James Brockson - Posted on: May 6, 2013

    Acct. # 057258362 April 29, 2013 Attn: CEO Michael D. White My wife & I were happy Dish TV satellite customers for about 3 years when we received one of many offers from DIRECTV to change our provider at lower monthly cost. We made at least 4 separate phone inquiries about the quality of service, availability of local & some other channels, and various other questions. All customer service persons assured us DIRECTV had all the kinks worked out, specifically local station reception/transmission problems, prices quoted were guaranteed for 24 months and we would be locked in for 24 months. In addition, if we wanted to cancel service prior to the 24 months we would have to pay an 'early cancellation fee' of $480.00 prorated over 24 months. The man who installed the system on December 15th, 2012 also said'all bugs were solved'(or to that effect. He also explained we were'locked in' for 24 months. He also showed us on the contract PRIOR to us signing that “Genie HD DVR or any HD DVR, you agree to pay a monthly Advanced Receiver fee ($20.00).” This is exactly as it appears on the contract we have in our possession. As we were informed on our calls, he stated AFTER the 24 months prices would probably increase. As I had just started a P/T minimum wage job after being unemployed over 2 years & my wife not working, this lower total cost helped solve some problems. We had problems with reception from the first day. As the installer had given us his cell phone number to call him if any problems, I did. (He said he lived only a mile from us & would be right down if we needed him.) After several phone calls over 2, maybe 3 days, I called the main DIRECTV number. A repair man was sent out. He checked a few things & said we should be ok. I believe we were told then that our problems were 'Known software issues being worked on. We wanted the Genie replaced & he said he couldn't. We continued to have problems. We continued to call DIRECTV & were being told 'known software issues' with no date available of when would all the issues be resolved. Over the course of the next few months, we continued to experience numerous problems, with some being resolved & some new ones cropping up. We were told thru many, many phone calls that 'known software issues' & when one issue is resolved, new problems are created. We were told we could not cancel service or be charged the $20.00 per month 'cancellation fee' which we consider PUNITIVE DISCENTIVES. We are/were furious. Remember, we had a well liked wonderful system with DISH TV & extremely sorry we changed systems to DIRECTV! Most, if not all, calls to DIRECTV the tech had us 'reset' the Genie box. This takes at least 5- 10 minutes & screws up anything you are watching &/or recording on both TV's. Tech usually wants you to do it at least twice per call. In addition, we have had to reset the Genie many, many other times too. We have lost, been interrupted, etc. numerous programs due to this & other problems & the price is going up!! We were offered & took a $10.00 credit early in the phone calls. We were never again offered any credit. In addition, although this is NOT in any of DIRECTV’s ad prices, etc. we have an additional mandatory ‘$3.00 sports package’. I HATE SPORTS OF EVERY TYPE!! Why should I have to pay this additional charge? DIRECTV states it is so people who want the package can have it at a reasonable price if the cost is split with everyone. This should be included in their advertised price as it is mandatory & should really be ‘optional’!! Let those who want it pay for it! We continue to have some problems & still have to reset Genie along with phone calls to DIRECTV, but most problems have been eliminated & re-setting the Genie box corrects current problems. Pixies will go nuts on any/all channels on live TV only. If you hit the ‘rewind’ button & watch the same screwed segment, picture is 100% fine. DIRECTV wants you to ‘check again’ for ‘trees, branches, clouds, etc. There are none on a sunny day & no trees in area, & the DIRECTV test has us ‘above’ average reception signal strength EVERY TIME! This has ONLY happened since our Genie was replaced. Please help.

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