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4416 Forest Drive Columbia, SC 29206
Phone: (803)782-4278

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Doctors Care is an emergency medical center providing urgent and primary care services in weekend hours and evenings. The Doctors Care was started in the year 1981 in Columbia, South Carolina, now the company has 50 offices in multiple states. The doctors of Doctors Care hold the prestigious designation of Certified Urgent Care Clinics who are experienced and dedicated. The company also provides services such as x rays and laboratory work on sites. The Doctors Care is located in the areas of South Carolina and Tennessee. The company has about 1100 health care professionals with 230 doctors exclusive for urgent care.

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  • By Melvin - Posted on: April 22, 2013

    In 2009, I was unemployed and visited the Doctors Care in Charleston, SC, for an illness. I paid after the visit and was scheduled for a return visit. After speaking with the doctor, the lady at the front desk informed me that they had forgotten to charge me for something from the first visit. Again, I was scheduled for a return visit and still had no clue what was wrong with me. Upon leaving, the front desk informed me that they had forgotten to charge me for something from the previous visit. I did get upset and let them know that this was getting ridiculous. I paid the fee and then they called me about a week later and wanted me to come in. I asked the person on the phone why they couldn't just tell me what was wrong, and she said that I would have to come in. I told her that my funds were limmited and I couldn't afford to keep coming in, and I asked her if I came in, what charges would I have to pay. She told me I would have to speak with the doctor and pay a "nurses" fee. I asked her why I should pay a "nurses" fee to speak with the doctor, and she said that's just the way it is. I refused to go back and recieved a bill for $79.00 from Doctors Care. I also recieved another bill from the people who conducted the lab work. I called Doctors Care and asked them about the bill, and they informed me that it was for lab work. I told them of the lab sending me a bill and inquired as to why I should pay them for lab work when the lab themselves are charging me. I refused to pay their hyped up bill, and now, years later, they turned me over to a bottom feeding collection company called Amcol Systems Inc. This company is just as pathetic as the Doctors Care in Charleston because they never once contacted me regarding this alleged debt, but did report me to the three credit reporting bureaus. I am in the process of speaking with an attorney regarding both companies. If you need medical care, don't waste your time with the Doctors Care in Charleston, SC.

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