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50 Dunham Road 3rd Floor Beverly, MA 01915
Phone: (978)232-5600

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Fantastic Sams owns a group of haircut salons based in U.S. With its headquarters in Beverly, MA, this company operates hair salons in more than twelve hundred locations. This makes the company one of the largest chain of haircut salons in U.S. the company does not operate the salons on its own, as these are mainly independently owned or work as a franchise. Sam Ross is the founder of the company, and it was founded back in the year 1974. Apart from running haircut salons, the company also puts forward hair care products for color protection, clarifying, moisturizing, and volumizing hair.

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  • By mary - Posted on: March 23, 2013

    West Valley Utah ...Store on 2993 S 5600 Worst ever don't go there if you what your hair to look good!!! I went in for blonde highlights came out with brown hair and the worst haircut ever...really choppy and one side had a huge chuck cut out of it, and the highlights looked like I had grow, at least 1/2 inch from the scalp ...went back the next day to try to fix is a little more blonde but now it has white in it too!!! And parts of it still were 1/2 inch form the scalp, the stylist offered excuses like..."it was the first time I ever did your hair", "weaves are really hard to do"; and "I did my best"and "you are looking for mistakes"...for $100 there should be no mistakes!!! Worst part is she got a drop of bleach on my suede jacket and refused to even pay of 1/2 of the dry cleaning to see if it could be saved!!! Because it was my fault for not hanging it up, (which there were not available hooks to do so) and because she doesn't make that much money, her words!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Not once did the stylist say she was sorry for my hair or my jacket, the manager also flat out refused and didn't offer any apologies either.I will be disputing this charge for service and contacting their corporate offices.

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