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3800 SE 22nd Ave. Portland, OR 97202
Phone: (503)232-8844

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A chain of grocery supermarket, along with clothing store, drug store, shoe store and others, Fred Meyer Stores Inc was established in 1922 at Portland. Fred G. Meyer founded the company and their branches are located in Alaska, Washington, Oregon and Idaho. It was originally started as a cherry selling center at a corner of a highway in Brooklyn. Later on, the store was expanded for selling cereal and even cleaning items. In 1931, a large warehouse was built in Laurelhurst and during 1960s, they acquired a Seattle-based company, Marketime Drugs. The full-fledged store was inaugurated in 1968, at Seattle. By the year 1968, they were operational in four states of the United States.

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  • By Jennifer Bryan - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    I bought a couch and when I called about my order I was told I needed to pay prior to them ordering it. I did pay but could not find a receiept. I was told I was out of luck. I pleaded to get my couch or a return . they said NO . I became upset and asked to talk with someone else. They said I was out of luck. I became furious and screamed until the manager finally got on the phone. He after I gave him the date and dollar amount said he would call me back. Guess what I found my receipt! So the manager calls and I tell him I'm upset I have to wait longer for my couch and at how unfair I was treated . He simply says it sounds like it went both ways. I then said sir you would be angry as well . I had no choice but to get angry . I was refused my couch and refused a refund after being told I would not get my couch. I was then told no I could not talk to anyone else. He then said to me what can I do for you in a voice that was less then friendly. I told him an apology would be nice. He says well mamm I'm sooorrrry. I told him I would no longer shop at fred meyer. He said well I don't blame you their are plenty of other places you can shop at and when you come to get your couch I will give you a 50.00 gift card. So I finally got the couch I bought the 10 th today the 22nd. Guess what no gift card . I got and a 10% discount which came to 42.00 . I guess I should not be shocked they lied to me !!! I will no longer shop at fred meyers. Also I sent a complaint to corporate and got an email telling me they are sorry and will look into the matter more. My guess is since I'm just a rude customer who lost a receipt (that I found ) why look into it. Who needs a customer that actually feels they should get what they pay for and receive great customer service while doing so. I'm been a customer for 30yrs and will no longer go back. I hope they feel my loss. 650 Q street Springfield Oregon Store #328

  • By Ron Roberts - Posted on: April 15, 2013

    The Vancouver Fred Meyer store at SE 164th and McGillivary has gone to the dogs and I am not returning to buy food to put in my mouth. Animals and food do not mix. As I was buying produce today, the owner of a small poodle (obviously not a Service Animal) was in the produce section and I just kept going. I will not buy produce that is handled by an animal owner with the animal in the store. Nearby Four Seasons, Whole Food, and Winco do not have animals so they will be my first choice from now on. Fred Meyer used to have Service Animal sign only but cashiers tell me they were told not to alienate pet owners so nothing is done when I complain. Well, it has alienated me. Goodbye. bWEyew

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