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222 West Merchandise Mart Plaza Chicago, IL 60654
Phone: (312)951-0600
Website: www.potbelly.com

Company Overview

The Pot belly Sandwich Works is a private association owns a chain of restaurants and serves delicious sandwiches. The headquarters of the company is located Chicago, Illinois. Restaurants owned by the company serves varieties of sandwiches served regular, hot or in multi-grain wheat bread. The menu also includes other things like shakes, smoothies, cookies etc. Most of it's restaurants have local musicians available during the lunchtime, as live music is part of the restaurants. The company started its operations in 1977 and it is known for its ice cream, soups, and salads.

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  • By Frenchie - Posted on: May 26, 2013

    Please build one of your Pot Belly restaurants in Homewood, IL. I have to travel to far to buy one of your delicious sandwiches. Thank You

  • By Rose Nelson - Posted on: April 24, 2013

    First of al, let me note I have been going to the Merrillville store and probably placed 20+ pickup orders in the last couple months. I always callin to place my order at least 10 to 15 minutes prior to my arrival & have not had an issue until this evening. I noticed during the phone call that the girl Jennifer who is the manager according to her was short and snappy. I am use to someone pleasant taking order up until tonight. I arrived 15 minutes later to pick up my order an sent my daughter in & noticed she would just standing there so I went in. Jennifer the manager was absolutely rude and snapped at me informing me that my order wasn't readey. in fact it hadn't even been started, my sandwiches were cold in the middle. I inform her that she was very rude and had a very bad attitude and she informed me that she didn't care.If any of my employees ever treated a customer this way they would be either fired or definitely reprimanded. and to think I paid for this

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