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300 Renaissance Center Detroit, MI 48265
Phone: (313)556-5000
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The company was set up on September 16, in the year 1908, in Michigan. Charles Stewart was the co-founder of the company. General Motors was declared as the world's leading company in terms of auto sales from 1931 to 2007, the longest period through which any auto making company has been able to achieve record sales in history. After this, the company saw a certain level of downward movement, but it rose again in the year 2011 and emerged as the largest among all automakers, in terms of sales of vehicles. Having it's headquarter in Detroit, the company provides employment to more than 2 million people in more than thirty one countries, where it has its production units.

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  • By Tom Wallis - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    I have ordered a 2014 GMC SLT 1500 SIERRA 4X4 (1st week in July and its now the end of August, still no truck or notice of delivery. My point, my neighbor ordered a new Ford F-150 and had it in his possession in 22 days. To add insult, Ford sent him the VIN # of his truck right after they received the order, and provided the number to him plus a web site where he could track and watch his new truck being built throughout the entire build process. He told me about the website so I immediately went on line to GMC to see if I could see my truck being built, no such luck, GMC does not have the manufacturing plant equipped or laid out to where you can see your truck being built. Come on GMC! Get with the program and consider what advantage you would experience with your customer relations if you had this capability. Ford has the lead with this initiative, when will GMC wake up and smell the roses?

  • By Joe Perez - Posted on: March 6, 2013

    My name is Joe Perez I bought a 2009 chevy Traverse. This car has been a problem from day one. The story begins I had an H2 Hummer one of the best cars I ever leased. When my lease was up I went to Englewood Chevrolet. I asked if I could buy the Hummer out that's when they said it would be 47,000.00 dollars. At that time gas was thru the roof. That's when they showed me the Traverse. I bought it I wrote down the vin to the H2 just to see what would happen with the truck. The dealer sold it at auction for 17000.00 dollars I offered 30. Shortly after taking the Traverse I started having problems. Went back to the dealer in the first 14 month the engine was dropped 2 times do to a timing chain. I went to the sale rep all the sudden he wanted to do nothing with me contact corporate they didn't want to help. Well it's been 4 years they have dropped the engine 4 times,replaced the water pump, front struts need to be replaced,catalytic converter all three had to be done among other things. I was in the Marines for ten years. I wanted to support my country so I bought American chevy is aware of the service men and women that defend this great nation but they don't care. Bottom line I hope the military finds another car company to builds a truck that will bring our men and women in one piece.i have tried very hard to work with GM and they have treated me like dirt. Today 3 weeks after repairs that trash can they call a car broke down agai. It's in the dealer again. Mr CEO please look into my problems you are giving me 2000.00 dollars towards a new chevy when I am not done paying this one. Maybe I should by cars from other countries and support their economy so I can watch Moore Americans loose their jobs, homes . I will continue to write maybe I can let people now that not only does GM not care of the people they sell 2 but they also don't care a bout a Marine that defended this country.

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