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200 Renaissance Center,P.O. Box 200 Detroit, MI 48265
Phone: (313)556-5000

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GMAC LLC is one of the leading companies of nation offering financial services since 1919. Since 2010, it is known as Ally Financial. The company provides a wide range of financial services that include mortgage services, auto financing, insurance and online banking. More than 14,400 personnel offer excellent financial services to almost 15 million customers around the world. The United States Treasury along with General Motors, Cerberus Capital Management and Motors Liquidation Company own Ally Financial. William Mur is the president and Michael A. Carpenter is the chief executive officer of the company. The company presently has an asset of $184.06 billion.

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  • By Augusto Valderrama - Posted on: August 24, 2013

    Dear Sir: Mr. Micheal A. Carpenter,. We had a 2007 Sierra P.U. and it was the best. Rental ran out in 2 years. The Bank would not finance the truck because, the contract we signed was for way too much money and we had to turn the Sierra in, at Buick GMC, Crystal River, Fl. Turned in like new, I loved that truck above and beyond. We had paid $14,000.oo in advance for 2 year lease. But they insisted we turn the truck in, even though the bank would not finance the figure and the lease. We were trying to make an honest living selling carrots to Race Horse Farms in Ocala,Florida. That ended our business and our money, now you want $2,036.26 0n Account # 029910888873, for mileage over, we do not have the business and no way to pay. I just had a heart attack and am not able to work, and my wife is older and diabetes has taken over, she can not work. We have a Buick Roundevous 2003, that we have replace the engine and so many problems, would you like to have that for the money owed??? I do not know what else to offer? We love GMC, they are the best, and can not afford to buy one. we are driving a 1995 Chevy P.U.but it runs>> We have been called by collectors, day and night, and explained did not help. Your Company has sent us an offer to settle, but we are just getting by, you can have the Buick, does not run and I waited along time to get and now it is just sitting there. So, since we can not pay, can you stop the harrassemt somehow?????????????????? Mr. Agusto Valderrama and Candace J. Boothe and we will just forget GMC, since they do not like us, when we get our settlement from an accident. Thank you Mr. Micheal A. Carpenter CEO Sincerely, Candace J. Boothe and We will love the GMC Vehicles forever.Augusto VAlderrama

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