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Hooters stand for the trade name of the two popular food restaurant chains in America that are Hooters America, which is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia and the Hooters that has been incorporated in Clearwater, Florida. The name Hooters signify dual meaning as it both refer to the bird owl, known for hooting calls and the word is also used as an American slang that means breast of a female. The waitress staff and their attractive outfits inspire one's sex appeal and it serves as the major component of this company's image. Majority of the restaurants have license to provide wine and beer and where they get permit from the local authority there they hold liquor bar as well. Steaks, seafood dishes, sandwiches and hamburgers are some of the specialties served here.

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  • By B.Smith - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    I have been coming to the Orland Park Il location for years!! Today this was the WORST experience I ever had. We sat at the bar, bar service was just ok . However you need to have two bartenders there cuz myself n another person next to me waited 15 mins for another beer. Than My girlfriends chicken sandwich was under cooked. It was sent back twice, and still not cooked unbelievable!!! The mgr Charlie was wonderful and adjusted the bill however we just wanted to come and enjoy areself as we have in the past. It will be a very long time before we go back if we do at all.

  • By Tim - Posted on: August 9, 2013

    My Fiance and I ate at Hooters in Albuquerque NM, San Mateo. We haven't been there in a long time, so stopped in. She got fries, I had a burger. While eating my Fiance bite on something hard, she took it out of her mouth and gave it to me. It was obvious that it was a piece of the wire basket strainer. I flagged the manager over and showed him what was in the fries. He did ask if she was OK, and she was, just a little sore from chomping on it. He said he would take the fries off the bill. I am not one to sue, but I wasn't happy with how mildly it was handled. I got the bill and it read "costomer complained" 20% off. That pissed me off. I paid it and left. I have no desire to go ever again.

  • By Kristen Strecker - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    I was recently employed by Hooters of Slidell, Louisiana and have been a loyal employee since they opened up for business. My sister recently died of a heart condition that our family didn't know she had. As a result, I have been tested and have the same heart condition which resulted in my having to take a day off of work to wear a heart monitor for 24 hrs. I deliberately scheduled myself off on Monday August 5th so I could wear the monitor. When I reported for work on Tuesday, August 6th, I was fired immediately even though I had already scheduled myself off for that day. When I approached the manager he told me I was fired for not showing up. I watched the CEO of this company on Undercover Boss and learned that he was actually a nice person who defended his girls from abusive managers. The managers here in the Slidell, La. restaraunt refer to the girls as "Mother F'ers. That's the lowest form of respect a manager can give an employee. The rate that they fire girls is astonishing! This is a small town, and a lot of these girls have families and friends who visit the restauant often. When you get the reputation of firing someone for no apparent reason, you're bound to lose business in the future. Judging from the show of Undercover Boss, I saw that the CEO of this company was a family man who cared about his employees. I wonder if he knows the abuse his girls are receiving here everyday? When the manager fired me, he didn't even have the respect to ask me why I wasn't at work on Monday. They simply don't care! Does anyone in the Hooters Corp. care????

  • By Kristen - Posted on: August 6, 2013

    I chose a (1 Star) not because of the food or sevice at Hooters, but because of their management team. Hooters recently opened up for business here in Slidell, La. and I have been an employee for them ever since. Due to the recent death of my sister, I had scheduled myself off for Monday August 5th because I needed to wear a heart monitor for 24 hours. My sister had a heart conditon my family didn't know she had, and after her death, I went and was tested and learned I have the same condition. When I reported for work on Tuesday, August 6th, I was told to leave and that I was fired for not showing up on Monday. The manager didn't even give me the opportunity to explain that I had deliberately made sure I wasn't scheduled for work on Monday. Since I've been an employee at Hooters, I've seen and heard how harsh and rudely the managent team treat their girls. We're often refered to as "Mother F'ers" That's not repectful behavior and after my firing, I wanted it known that these girls are often fired for no apparent reason at all. They hire and fire at a rapid pace, and our town is a small one. These girls have family and friends who often dine at Hooters, but if they get the reputation of hiring and firing, the business is bound to suffer down the road. I feel that I was unfairly fired, even though I recently watched an episode of "Undercover Boss" and learned that the CEO of this company is strict about how his managers treat the girls. I was under the impression that he was a family man, and did not tolorate any managment team disrespecting the girls. I know several girls who have already been fired, and in my opionion it's more of a power play these managers are playing.

  • By joe stanek - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    on july 21,2013 i had a heart attack in your west springfield ,ma.store.your employees ada,and a few others help save my life.yes i am a regular custmers. these emplyee went beyond thier duty.these peole are real special emplyees thank tyou for time

  • By dwilliams - Posted on: August 11, 2013

    I've been to the Hooters, on Wells, in Chicago many times, but will NEVER go back! Went there, last night, with some friends for my boys' birthdays (their choice) and waited (in a half full restaurant) 25 min for our food, ALL the fries were cold, one of the chicken sandwiches was cold (which they took back and "re-made" and brought it out when we were ready to leave), asked for blue cheese dressing three times and got ranch all three times AND to top it off was TOLD they would sing happy birthday to my boys and another table at the same time! Seriously? The manager asked what we wanted him to do? I've waited tables (and have NEVER posted a negative comment about any bad experience I've had, but this was sad!) and never worked for a manager that asked a disappointed patron what they wanted him to do! Why don't you try managing your restaurant, dude! And the sad thing is, the two women sitting across from us complained about the slow service and cold food, as well! Thanks for the $20 off the $100 bill (which the manager did manage to figure out on his own!) SEE YA, Chicago Hooters!

  • By Ralph Presley - Posted on: July 15, 2013

    I would like to know when did Hooters become a racist restaurant and serve whites only. On July 14, 2013 my sons and I attended Hooter’s Roswell Georgia located at 795 Holcomb Bridge Road. We live in southwest Atlanta about 45 miles away. We have been coming to the location to watch the Pay per View WWE Wrestling for many years. We pass over 100 places to eat just to come there. I have never been treated so bad not since I was a boy back in the 60’s when I was forced to the back of the bus. Your night manager was so rude and unprofessional. We were the only blacks in the bar. She singled us out. All of patrons were cheering the wrestling. We were not drinking. She stuck her finger in my son’s face and told him to sit down saying I do not want “you people here” and stop cheering and sit down or I will call the police and have your butt put out. Even though my son obeyed her command, she proceeded to call the Roswell police, Office Gary Cowan Badge number #166, and had us evicted. Then to cover her butt, she tried to accuse us of not paying our tab. When we showed her our credit card receipt she would not apologize. I asked for her name she would not give it. I said I wanted to report her. She said “call corporate office. They won’t do anything. This is my restaurant and I do what I want to. We do not want your kind in her. “The night manager was a Ms Jenny. Ms Jenny is very rude. Ms Jenny is very unprofessional. Ms. Jenny treats black patrons and white patrons different. Ms. Jenny should not be the manager of Hooter’s. Ms. Jenny is a person who should not be in any customer service position. Ms. Jenny is a person who is ruining the reputation of a fine corporation. Ms Jenny should be asked to go to the back of the bus. All of this happened after she took our money. I guess she likes the color of money and not the color of people. I will write my Congressman and the NAACP to file a complaint for racial discrimination.

  • By Brandon Grevstad - Posted on: April 30, 2013

    Spent 5 nights at Hooters Las Vegas. On the last night me and my wife got into a drunk arguement. She pushed me and I fell ( =because I was drunk) they took her to jail. She now has to go to court for domestic violence. To top it off they kicked me out on the street at 5 am with no shoes and no where to go....even though I had done nothing and had a paid for room.....and they charged us an extra $400 to clean the room.....we are filling a lawsuit

  • By Zachary Gannon - Posted on: April 27, 2013

    When are you Reopen the Hooters in York Pa

  • By Daniel Garza - Posted on: April 21, 2013

    I was Over Charged on my Credit Card.... When I called and talked to a male that identified himself as Mr Ruben, the General Manager, who advised me would take of the issue. Well, he was all Talk as he did Not completely follow up with what he Said he was going to Do!.... Chech your Bank Statements Folks, you might be Over Charged, so you add up Every Over Charge of $1, $2, $3, that could Total to a Nice Extra Tip!!!! Keep an Eye! You have been Warned!!!

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