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1815 The Exchange Southeast Atlanta, GA 30339
Phone: (770)951-2040
Website: www.hooters.com
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Hooters stand for the trade name of the two popular food restaurant chains in America that are Hooters America, which is incorporated in Atlanta, Georgia and the Hooters that has been incorporated in Clearwater, Florida. The name Hooters signify dual meaning as it both refer to the bird owl, known for hooting calls and the word is also used as an American slang that means breast of a female. The waitress staff and their attractive outfits inspire one's sex appeal and it serves as the major component of this company's image. Majority of the restaurants have license to provide wine and beer and where they get permit from the local authority there they hold liquor bar as well. Steaks, seafood dishes, sandwiches and hamburgers are some of the specialties served here.

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  • By Anthony - Posted on: March 22, 2013

    I had the unfortunate experience of getting a to order over the 0hone from your Conyers location. Unfortunately when placing the order it was very tough to hear due to background noise which isn't or wasn't a big deal for me I understand. However when going to pick up my order is where the problem started. I walked up to the register as I have done many times before I was patiently waiting for some assistance. The Bartender/Cashier was busy (also not a problem). However for some reason the Bartender decided that I was being rude to her because she made a statement "listen Im busy Ive got to serve these beers unless you want to get back here and do this". I said "sure, give me a uniform and I will take the tips"; At this point she calls the Manager over, saying that I had been rude over the phone and I was being rude then, Not only was I not rude I was understanding and would've continued to wait until she was done pouring beers. The Manager comes over gets another waitress to cash me out. I was trying to explain to him not only was I not rude but that I am disappointed in the Bartenders attitude. She was way off base. I used to be a loyal customer of Hooters. I will not spend another dime at any of your locations and I will discourage others from visiting there as well.

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