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1740 Broadway New York, NY 10019
Phone: (212)904-7200

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Victoria's Secret is a retailing company in America that mainly deals in Lingerie lines and other different women clothing. Their products are available in 1017 stores (company owned) and in more than 18 privately owned stores as well. Headquarters of the company is in Columbus, Ohio and their services are available in United States, United Kingdom and in Canada. The company was established on 12 June 1977. Lori Greeley and Sharen Jester are the respective CEO and President of the organization. Products available from the company include lingerie, bras, panties, nightwear, footwear, swimwear, hosiery and many other similar products. In the year 1983, they first introduced their products in shopping malls.

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  • By Kathy Savarese - Posted on: August 5, 2013

    I think that if the Victoria's Secret Corporation wants to be a role model in empowering women, it would be a good idea to use correct grammar in tv commercials. Not sure if use of the tense "BODY'S" is correct. Try BODIES which is the plural of body. Body's is the possessive form. Need new editing team or writing team.

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