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Ikea Corporate Office & Headquarters | Plymouth Meeting, PA
Ikea Corporate Office Headquarters

Ikea Corporate Office | Headquarters

Avarage Rating:
496 West Germantown Pike Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462
Phone: (610)834-0180
Website: www.ikea.com
Reviews: 12 WRITE REVIEW

Company Overview

A private company, Ikea indulges in designing and selling furniture that are ready-to-assemble in nature. As world's largest retailer of furniture, they provide furniture parts that can be assembled together in order to produce desks, beds, home accessories and appliances and even chairs. It is highly reputed for coming up with advanced architectural designs of a number of furniture and appliances that are used in homes. A 17 year old Swedish national, named Ingvar Kamprad founded the company in 1943. Their business is spread across thirty-eight countries of the world and has over three hundred stores. Working Mothers magazine ranked them among 100 Best Companies in 2004-05.

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Ikea Reviews

There are currently 12 consumer reviews about Ikea available. Share your review.

  • By C - Posted on: September 6, 2013

    We got FOOD POISONING on 8/14/2013 our reciept says: 14:27 PM Till 6 invoice# 347772 Cashier: Mersina (2901 Potomac Mills Circle, Woodbridge, Va) Downstairs snack shop by registers. We ordered 3 hot dogs, one of which was YELLOW (we should have known) we gave that hot dog back and they threw it away and gave us another one (which hadn't cooked long enough because he had gotten the LAST 3 hot dogs and they had just put them in the heater thing). Ate them and 2 frozen yogurt cones. Without TMI we were SICK FOR TWO DAYS. BOTH OF US and he has a stomach of steel. We are not happy about this at all. This was my birthday and it was ruined we were sick for two days!!!!

  • By Abdul Jabar - Posted on: September 15, 2020

    Just left the Columbus Blvd location in Philadelphia because there was a line of about 20 people and only 2 cashiers, when I asked the manager (Amber)what she could do to accommodate us in a more efficient manner, she said nothing and have a nice day.

  • By Crozier - Posted on: September 11, 2020

    My scheduled delivery did not arrive as scheduled on Sept 12. The tracking continues to show "Preparing Order" as it has since Sept 4 when I received an email saying the order was being picked. The only online option is to cancel the order but I do NOT want to cancel - I want to have the items delivered. Can anyone say HOW I can get the order delivered?

  • By leigh - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    Have you ever tried for customer service over the phone- wow- this makes utilities companies look heavenly- wake up ikea- you are blowing it

  • By Mike - Posted on: July 22, 2013

    If you are intending on purchasing a complete kitchen from IKEA.....please think twice and look local first. We are going into our seventh week without a kitchen and it is taking four weeks just to get the counter-top installed. I have been in contact with my local store manager and still we have no resolution to this situation. I will no longer do business with IKEA and expect no answers from all the mail I have sent to them. We thought we would get some support from IKEA, but they have done absolutely nothing to resolve our problem, other than to offer us a gift card....which 'frankly' was insulting. Mad in Tucson....

  • By Amie - Posted on: May 5, 2013

    Hello, I am emailing for about the 4th time in the past week and have only gotten 1 response. Last week, on April 27, 2013, I traveled 3 hours 1 way to my nearest IKEA store in Bolingbrook. This was my 1st ever trip to IKEA and the goal was to purchase the Brimnes daybed, which I did. I packed up all 3 of the correctly labeled boxes and drove another 3 hours home. On Sunday, I started to unpack all 3 boxes and realized I did not get a single screw, any of the hardware, or the instructions. I promptly called Customer Service and was told to print the instructions myself and take my receipt to my nearest IKEA store to get the missing pieces. The customer service rep, Tara I believe, was beyond rude. I explained I lived 3 hours away and wasn't returning for something IKEA left out, so she took my mailing information, but said someone would contact me within 3 days about the missing pieces. She never said she was mailing the pieces, but they did arrive on Wednesday, but no one called. On Friday, I opened the box from Tara with the missing pieces and instructions. I saw 1 huge bag of 150+ screws, all thrown into the 1 bag. This really upset me as I had to spend 30 minutes matching up the screws to the directions and sorting them into individual bags myself. While doing this, I noticed I was missing the 2 Allen wrenches. I called customer service once again, and after waiting at least 10 minutes, asked to speak to a manager. When I told the rep it was in regards to the service I had received from IKEA, he hung up on me. I then called back, spent another 10 minutes on hold, and was finally connected to an older lady. When I told her the poor service I had received, she actually laughed. After she was done laughing at my expense, she started a new claim for the Allen wrenches and said I'd receive them in 3-5 business days. On Saturday, now a week after the initial purchase, I started to put together the daybed myself. I had people to put together the bed last Sunday, but had no screws or instructions, so I was forced to do it myself. I started with Section C and put together the 2 drawers. I then realized I had no handles for the drawers. I continued on with what I could and was working in Section A when I realized I was missing 1 of the slats of wood. I was VERY angry by this point. I waited 10 minutes on hold, and asked to speak to a manager again. I was given to Tiffany, who was again VERY rude. When I explained everything to Tiffany, she got major attitude. She put the order in for the drawer handles and said she would have to see if they would be able to mail the missing piece of wood. I told her it wasn't if IKEA was able to mail it, but when. She very rudely told me that they can only mail pieces of a certain size, which really makes no sense because IKEA would've mailed me the entire daybed for nearly $300 (which is why I drove 6 hours round trip to begin with). I then asked her if they couldn't mail the piece, was someone going to drive it down 3 hours to me? Again, very rudely, she answered no. I asked how she expected me to get the piece of wood. Miraculously, she was able to ship it and add it to the missing allen wrenches and missing drawer handles. I should receive that package the middle of this week, a week and a half after the initial purchase. Today is Sunday, so I went and tried to finish up other pieces so I could have as much of the daybed put together as I wait for the missing pieces. I was working in Section B, and wouldn't you know I am missing the 6 rollers I need. Shocker! I called yet AGAIN, waited 10 minutes again to get through. I explained the missing pieces and was told I would get them in 5-7 days. I asked why 5-7 days when everyone else in the past week told me 3-5 days for packages. She said she didn't know but if I did get it in 3-5 days that's really good. I then asked if she could somehow include the wheels with the package containing the allen wrenches, drawer handles, and wood slat. She said no, you can't add on to a package. I asked why not when Tiffany did yesterday. Again, another miracle, she was able to add on to that existing claim. So, as of Sunday, 8 days after the initial $279 purchase of my Brimnes daybed I am still waiting on pieces and parts. I have made 6 calls to customer service to report missing pieces, and spent 97 minutes on the phone waiting and talking with customer service. 8 days, 6 calls, and 97 minutes later and I still don't have all the parts to my daybed, or the daybed put together. To IKEA, I realize I am only 1 person, but IKEA still needs to make this right. How will this be made right? How will I get back the 8 days (as of now, but don't forget I'm still waiting 3-5 days for missing pieces) 6 phone calls, and 97 minutes made up to me? It will be a full 2 weeks after the initial purchase that I'm hopefully able to complete the daybed. I need to know what IKEA is going to do to render these numerous mistakes. I don't plan on dropping this issue until I get an answer. Everyone keeps saying sorry. Stop saying you're sorry and prove you're sorry. At this point, no one at IKEA is as sorry as I am for making the trip to IKEA. I would appreciate a prompt answer, not an apology this time around. I do look forward to hearing from a manager,as promised by Tiffany, so I can hear how IKEA is going to make this right. Tiffany did promise a manager would call Monday or Tuesday, but I am also emailing since no one returns calls or emails. I look forward to a phone call or email explaining how the problem will be solved. As a reminder, I want no apologies, just answers. Thank you.

  • By Frank - Posted on: May 22, 2013

    I am sure Ikea's multi-billion dollar cooperation will deeply miss your business. On the other hand, I will be thankful you three are not roaming around the isles of Ikea packing heat.

  • By Lou Weinhold - Posted on: April 11, 2013

    This store bans guns (even concealed permit). A gun free zone is an unsafe place for in light of the recent shootings in Aurora and elsewhere. This store will not allow you to protect yourself if you ad to. I would not and will not shop at IKEA. Good luck to ya.

  • By Michael Brenner - Posted on: April 10, 2013

    If you do not support my right to protect myself in your store, than I shall exercise my right to spend no money there.

  • By Roger Waterhouse - Posted on: March 15, 2013

    It has been brought to my attention that you do not support the 2nd amendment and are anti-gun. Because of this I will no longer have any business to do with your company. I hope you reconsider your policies.

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