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1441 Gardiner Ln. Louisville, KY 40213
Phone: (502)874-8300
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KFC is the chain of food restaurant with it's headquarter in Louisville, Kentucky. The company was known as Kentucky Fried Chicken and they primarily sell different variation of snacks made of chicken. KFC stands as an American icon and is regarded as world's largest food chain for fried chicken. At present, the company is holding second position after McDonald's by running food chain business in more than 105 countries. Number of outlets being operated by the authority is near about 17000. According to December 2011 report, owners are planning to start more outlets in south Asian countries. Harland Sanders is the founder of this world famous company.

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  • By Christopher Poust - Posted on: August 25, 2013

    the employees were very rude to me and my family, the food was cold and hard, and the dinning room was a mess. there was garbage all over the floor, seats , and tables. I would not recommend anyone to go to KFC in Bloomsburg Pennsylvania. I WILL NEVER take my family there EVER EVER again.

  • By Ron Novak - Posted on: August 25, 2013

    Your rating system doesn't do justice to how bad KFC has become. A negative rating number system I think would be more appropriate. One being the worst and 5 a maggot would eat this. Not sure any attempt at a complaint will do any good. Seems today the only thing any corporation cares about is profit. Screw product quality, what's the cheapest shit we can put out there and still get away with calling it food and keep the money flowing.Day after day I see more and more companies failing and most blame things on the economy or competition from abroad. That's all bull shit. Try eating your own product and you will soon learn why your sales are falling and your company is failing or soon will be.I'd be ashamed to have my name associated with the garbage your shoveling.

  • By rebecca slusser - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    I have been enjoying Kentucky Fried chicken since the late 1970"s and have never had a problem until now. We went to the store on Harmont Ave in Canton, Oh, and ordered the new boneless chicken. If this is how it is going to be, it will ruin your business after all these years. The service was fine, but the chicken was dry and so tough, I could not chew it. We used the drive-thru, and took our meal home, so it was not worth it to take it all the way back to complain, but I thought you should know about it. Maybe if the chicken had been freshly cooked or not over cooked or whatever was wrong with it, it would have been better. i will never know, as I do not plan on trying it again. Thank you for the opertunity to let you know.

  • By DeAnna - Posted on: August 1, 2013

    On July 17, I went to KFC, Valley, AL. I ASK for a 2 piece white dinner and a liver dinner, both with extra biscuits. I also got a bucket ( boneless) and another bucket mixed pieces. I ordered 6 sides and 12 extra biscuits with that. FOURTEEN total biscuits extra. The buckets, sides & extra biscuits were for our church. I also got 4 gallons of tea. I got 3. The dinners were for nurses in ER. I had to wait for my order for over 30 mins. I'd ask for pies which they forgot to add in. After they finally called me, I think- no joke- they took every black ahead of me. it's almost 9 PM & I run by the hospital first. They had not placed the dinners in the bags. I had to give them one of our buckets and 2 sides. That left me with one bucket & 4 sides. When I phoned MJ ( mgr) to report the error, they answered the phone then laid it down. I waited 40 mins & she hung up the phone. I was tee'd by then. I phoned back and told her. She sent me a card for the dinners which I took back yesterday. I can NOT believe it, they left out the biscuits and instead of breast, I got a wing & a drumstick. Forget the extra biscuits, which I didn't get. What is wrong with y'all? I can order and run a hospital ER and YOU can't fill a simple written dinner order. I 've had so many problems with your drive in too. Always leave something out or give me the wrong stuff. We posted a huge notice on our board in the hospital to ask if anyone else had problems. You should see the complaints in only 2 weeks!

  • By S. Lin-J - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    I want to another web site thinking if belonged to KFC, it did NOT, but showed first from Yahoo search engine. I wish they were here because on corp. site you only have 6. There were over 500 complaints, and the sad part of it was; each complaint I read and same theme. Under staffed employees, bad attitudes, and terrible under cooked food. All but one that I was going to complain about. I'm only writing this because in hopes this is part of a company wide BPI project, and complaints actually effects a VP's bonus package. I am really surprised that KFC corp. doesn't have a 1-800 number for custumer service. So I ask this question, does KFC actually care? I'm also wondering if KFC is a publicly traded company on NYSE, is your stock up or down? I can't see your stock being up very much. I wish you had a spot on this page to leave our contact info, just incase you cared enough to follow up with other questions. I believe the store code at the location I visited was L1T2, 8761 Baymeadows RD. Jaxs Fl; my trans# 2363; at 7:45pm 07/25/13. With that information you can find me.

  • By S. Lin-J - Posted on: July 25, 2013

    I just noticed, after refreashing my screen to see if my post was on the web site yet. The small print above the review box. "However, sometimes staff from KFC headquarters do read the reviews on this website." So how ever, it seems that this forum is only for you to vent. And nobody of importance actually reads, or does anything about complaints. This raises the question, will you ever go back to KFC knowing corp. cares so little about you.

  • By LOUIS gILBERT - Posted on: June 30, 2013


  • By William - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    Entered kfc on Great Mills rd, in great mills, Maryland.....Ordered a pot pie.....took it home it was uncooked, very much so....called them, The employee was very roud, The manager told me I could not have a refund, The employee said I cursed at her which was a lie, The manager told me If I didn't like it go get a lawyer....I will never go there again......They Lost $50.00 a month in business or $600+ a year. If for some reason I ever get mistreated by them again....I will sue to no end.....I look forward to this....I want my money back......My wifes wings were uncooked also.....They didn't care....they said get a lawyer......I hope upper management reads this....Maybe they will come DOWN on KFCmanagement in Great Mills, Maryland. u-suk.

  • By T. Ruhr - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    Originally ordered bucket 1/2 original and 1/2 grilled. after i paid for my order which came to $32.00 and change she then came back and told me that it would be 15 minute wait.I then told her to change my order to original which took another 10 min. When i got home and sat down to eat. The breaded white meat was loaded with pepper. It burned my mouth and my throat. I have never encountered this problem. I could not eat another bite. Too much pepper. To long of wait. Appeared to not have enough staff. For this meal was a disaster.

  • By Allen - Posted on: April 26, 2013

    On 04/22/2013 I when into store #K071132 to purchase lunch,mine you I only have 25min for lunch. once in the store there is one custmer with her two childern,their are three KFC server in the sitting area, one on her cell the other two talking. one at the counter as cashier,one for the drive thru window and 10 working the back area's. Beliveing all worker are between the ager's of 16-18.Cashier is having problem with the custmer order in front of me.She is requesting help from anyone whom will give it to her. Everyone is just standing their or walking about doing nothing.i request for the manager on duty, no manager was their.Received my meal 20min after giving it to her and return to work late. and this has happen more than once.

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