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1015 A Street PO Box 2910 Tacoma, WA 98401
Phone: (253)383-9101

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Labour Ready is the largest supplier of temporary workers for manual labour in America. Founded in the year 1989 by Glenn Westland and 2 other partners in Kent, WA, the company has expanded significantly acquiring two other companies in the process and opening 600 locations in both the USA and Canada. Labour Ready supplies around 400,000 workers to industries in the construction, manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, auto services, retail support, restoration, waste recycling and logistics. The company has its headquarters in Tacoma, WA. It is part of the TrueBlue group of companies and its shares are traded in the Ney York Stock Exchange.

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  • By russell smith - Posted on: August 30, 2013

    I reported to your Nolensville road branch office on 8/30/2013 and could not get out while being requested back on a construction clean up job on the new Hilton Hotel on West End in Nashville Tennessee.I sat there until 7:30 A.M. I was offered another job working digging holes in crawl spaces under houses for 8hrs. I turned that ticket down due to hot weather and the cramped condictions that I would be working in. If this is all that you have to offer me than I need to look for employment elsewhere.I think it would be in your companies best interest to take a look at your dispatchers. Thanks.Russell Smith

  • By Greg A white - Posted on: June 27, 2013

    Labor Ready employee Greg A White at w. central Wichita ks to alva ok walmart 3rd shift.I reported Jeff walmart manager. 6/26 i go to labor ready and i think her name is angela most common driver to alva for 3rd shift. We pull in labor ready at same time t new here was also a new employee anglea didnt bother to ask if she needed a ride she just drove off and left us there i ran across parking lot trying to stop her. Her intentions are like this with new p eople and she does not care e saw us and sped off i then take the new worker and i to job site. I enjoyed working at walmart i got a floor job and stocker position. Angela said she saw the new girls vehicle and didnt wait for us. i dint get reimbursed for fuel and walmart really needs help. Walmart manager deffered me and your professional gutter mouth staff at labor ready said that happens all the time. I can personally said i did outstanding and the walmart veterans would agree they enjoyed my help very much. this is a inside deal with the manager the veterans dont have good things to say about angela . they know she abused gas pay on her days off at walmart who is hired on and many other issues. angela just wants it for her friends and family it has turned into a inside cult and the labor ready staff workers that i cant believe have jobs there when they are so hard to get. my first day of paperwork i wanted to report how your ofice staff conducted themselves inappropiately running your operation you wouldnt believe the professionalism in frequent use of bad language use favortism to angela. i think you should do a random drug test on all labor ready staff. i bet you would be suprised this has developing in ter personal refferals. please reimburse my gas pay $ sending a email to walmart corporate as well 316-993-4964 greg white interested in new opportunitys you have to offer.

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