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5965 Grafton Rd. Valley City, OH 44280
Phone: (330)225-2600

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MTD Products Inc is a manufacturer of outdoor power equipments for the commercial and mass markets with its headquarters in Cleveland, OH, USA. They began the run in the year 1932 as a family owned private company as a tool and die maker the Modern Tool and Die Company. . The outdoor equipment helps in easy maintenance of lawn and garden, trees and leaves, snow removal. The company markets its products such as tractors, edgers, snow throwers and tillers under their brand name as Bolens, Yard Machines, Yard Man, Remington, MTD Gold, MTD Pro, MTD through improvement and farm supply stores, big box retailers and hard ware shops.

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  • By MICHAEL JANDREAU - Posted on: September 14, 2020

    I purchased a cub cadet xt1 enduro lawn tractor from one of your dealers in Nov/Dec of 2016. This machine has never run properly. I have had numerous breakdowns. Warranty repairs have been an issue since day one. After one year, I didn't fight with the dealer over minor repairs, even though my state provides an implied warrant of four years by black letter law. (Maine). My latest problem is the transmission on my machine quit. The dealer says they can only replace it at a cost of $800 plus labor. The machine is still covered under Maines warranty law. I'm angry, I spent a lot of money on this machine and am very disappointed at the quality of the machine and the customer service I have received. I want my lawn mower fixed. The last time that the dealer collected my machine for repair they kept it for 5 weeks without even looking at it. I'm filing a complaint with the State of Maine's Consumer Protection group.

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