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1661 Worthington Road Suite 100 West Palm Beach, FL 33409
Phone: (800)746-2936
Website: www.ocwenbusiness.com

Company Overview

Ocwen Financial Solutions is an American based residential and commercial mortgage loan services, asset management, special services provider. The company was founded in 1988 and has its headquarters located in Dunwoody, Georgia, United States. The company also has operations in Uruguay and India. Ocwen Financial Solution has subsidiaries Ocwen Loan Servicing Llc (OLS) and Ocwen Financial Solutions which take care of its operations. The company has its operations in all the 50 states of United States and in District of Columbia and two of the territories of United States. The company servicing fee contributes mainly for its revenue.

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  • By Don - Posted on: August 19, 2013

    Received my monthly mortgage statement with a $54.00 charge for a home warranty that I did not order. Very difficult to talk to a real person. When I did get to a real person we had some problems understanding each other. After long holds and some connection problems an individual came on the line and said if I do not want the optional product he would be happy to remove. I got the impression that they do add products from time to time and charge your mortgage account? I told this supervisor that I was going to file a complaint and he said that was fine. This is not the first issue I have had with Ocwen

  • By Angela - Posted on: July 26, 2013

    Stay away from this company, they are horrible. There is absolutely no way to contact them, except through another country. There has to be a reason why they do not list their numbers. I have been getting the run around since May of 2013. There is no one to answer my questions, emails, or letters. Stay away from this company!

  • By Connie - Posted on: April 15, 2013

    I have had so many problems with this company. They make it hard to call some one hard to talk to someobe all indians and half c ant speak english the other half dont understand it and when you need a modification they make you feel like a criminal. I have been [paying faithfully a lot of money and thought my home was escrowed only to discover I am two years behind now. I never sold them this loan so who did??? They have hurt so many innocent people. There is over 4000 complaints on the internet and still the government lets them continue why??? Just like this security code that you will never be able to crack to write this they just never quit!! I have done 15 of these and NONE have gone thru. I HATE THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE LIARS CHEATERS FRAUDERS AND DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO SCAM US

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