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622 Hammond Street Bangor, ME 04401
Phone: (207)947-7227

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Papa Gambinos's Pizzas Subs is a major division of an important multi-national corporation having versatile outlets in restaurant industry functioning with its headquarters at Bangor, Miane in the United States. Some areas served by this are Portland city, Augusta, Bangor, Blue Hill, Elsworth and Waterville. Its products include bakery, breakfast, desserts, fast food, ice-cream, Mexican, Italian, pizza and sandwiches all at rates ranging from cheap to higher rates, encompassing American, Asian, Brazilian, Carribbean and Chinese cuisines. The services extended are also many such as parties, cocktails, farm-to-table, drive-in dives, food truck, sports bar and buffet- all with quick delivery and in cash -only mode. Daily changing menu provides varieties to customers.

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