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3321 Hessmer Avenue Suite 100 Metairie, LA 70002
Phone: (504)454-6560

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Ruth Fertel has established Ruth's Chris Steak House in 1965. It is a chain of 135 steakhouses located in different regions of the United States and abroad. Craig Miller, the president and CEO of Ruth's Chris Steak House turned it into a public company in 9th August 2005. The 4th quarter sales of the restaurants were increased by 7% as per report stated by RHGI in February 2013.It is the address of delicate business lunch as well as parties. It offers business communication via satellite. The restaurant has a wide rang of collection of eminent beverages though serving USDA prime steaks becomes the signature mark of the restaurant.

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  • By Patricia Smith - Posted on: September 14, 2020

    Visited Ruth Chris in North Carolina Cherokee on 9-7-20 . It was my husband birthday ,spoke with a man behind the counter at 300 o clock ask what time they opened and did you need to be put on reservation list he clearly stated no. Arrived back at restaurant spoke to a lady asked about dining she proceeds to tell us she could seat us at 5:30 or 6:00. How can two different people tell you two different things?Not only do I don’t understand why or I even reached out to the number or email on the card it figures no reply from them he was probably the one behind the counter.Food has always been great there but a little kindness and customer service needs to be shown.

  • By Patricia Smith - Posted on: September 14, 2020

    Thanks for listening but didn’t understand the two different things I was told that day

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