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Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer, which offers products from a variety of brands at a discounted brand to make the products more affordable and make them available for customers at convenient locations. With its corporate office and headquarters located in Goodlettsville TN, this company offer products from different and top brands, which include Unilever, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, and Nabisco. It offers products through stores situated across forty stores and eleven distribution centers. This company is categorized under the head of variety stores. The company mainly deals in food items, household, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, and seasonal products.

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  • By Shelli Weidler - Posted on: June 17, 2013

    I recently was released from dollar general because I walk awkward in the morning due to arthritis in the hips. When I called the Texas workforce. I was informed that I had quit. Luckily I had witnesses with me that morning and was able to prove this was not the case. I worked my hours the end of may2013. I know the manager from the store did what she was supposed to with my paperwork. however there is a glitch in the computer program they have for hiring. It gives you an I-9 form to fill out on the computer, but it wont accept any info onto this page. OUR town store is actually a great store, our manager puts in many hours to keep it going. Because they do not give managers enough hours for employees to work. this is my third store to work at. They never have enough hours. just a few things to be wary of if looking there for employment.

  • By Janet Hammond - Posted on: June 10, 2013

    I love to shop at the newest Dollar General Store in Springridge at Keithville, LA. Only the last 3 or 4 months there has been a problem with the store being empty. The stock is loaded down in the stock room. I have been very very very patient waiting for your employees to get the stock out. I can't shop in the back stock room. I would rather shop at this store to keep from driving15 miles to town. If you can't get the stock out then I will have to go to town and I will buy everything there. Please get help to the store it is going down the tubes quickly.

  • By Glenda Boan - Posted on: June 1, 2013

    Recently one of our Statesville NC Dollar Generals relocated It is a beautiful store and we are regular General Dollar shoppers. On our first visit at the nice new store I was disappointed at the service. I had brought a $2:00 children's book with a 30percent discount sticker. It rang up without discount and was told nothing could be done and the register would not over ride this and if I wanted it I would have to pay regular price. I asked if I could pay for mr purchase and ring the book up separately and was told no. I felt you would like to know of this. Thank you fir all the good buys and service inn days past. I do not want your store to have bad reports.

  • By GWENDOLYN LOUVIERE - Posted on: May 4, 2013

    This review is about the Starks, La. store. The manager, Rachel English-Jones, is a very rude and obnoxious person. She lies and curses people and employees in front of anyone, she will go outside and talk to customers about other employees and if you try to speak to her with a smile on your face she gets a very ugly attitude. I know all this because she has done all this to me, my son and my daughter when she came to town to visit us. When this gets read by corporate,and Rachel is notified my daughter in law will be forced to quit or Rachel will find an excuse, even if it is a lie, to have her fired. Rachel has made it plain and clear if any employee or their family members ever report her that she will have them fired. Maybe her schedule needs to be checked. She turns one into the office but makes another that they actually follow. She never works her full schedule. She will go to the bank and bring the store change home and bring it with her in the morning. Well, there are so many things she does and lies to the bosses about that I can't put them all down. RACHEL ENGLISH-JONES NEEDS TO BE CHECKED UP ON WITHOUT HER KNOWING ABOUT IT. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED!!!! ESPECIALLY IF SHE HAS A BAD DAY AT HOME.

  • By Michael Wolf - Posted on: May 30, 2013

    I filed all the paper work to use my Oklahoma Disabled Veterans Sales Tax Exemption In January . It worked just fine until May then it was no longer accepted. I have had to resubmit the paper work again. This is something that I am entitled to as a Disabled Veteran. I have not ever had a problem with this any place else . Just Dollar General. Why is this?

  • By Skeptic1 - Posted on: May 29, 2013

    The store in Mount Olive, MS, a small town is convenient for the local folk. However, the stock is never out on time!!! On any given day the warehouse if filled from back to front and roll-trainers all over the store. often times there is only the store manager working alone because she is never given enough hours. You need the hours to get the stock put out and to get enough employees. Since 2009 when the store Manager was ousted, the store has not been the same. She did a fantastic job getting out stock because her employees respected and liked her, so did the public. The store was always clean and everyone worked hard along beside her to make sure the store ran well. It seems to me someone wanted this location to F-A-I-L. Her District Manager did not like her and let her go improperly(you should have investigated). The store did well, inventory was always good but never enough hour. As for the store...Why was that? It Not good for business or morale. YOU NEED TO GIVE THE STORE MORE HOURS. Send someone to check it out, please.

  • By Rather not say!!! - Posted on: May 11, 2013

    I was just in your Dollar General Store in Smithville Texas and was treated very Rudely by the Manager there, Everytime I go in that store there is always some kind of issue and I have finally had enough!!! I wonted to use my Credit Card to pay for something I bought there and everytime I try using it there I have to go to the first register to use it because for some reason it is the only Credit Card Machine that will read my Card but Today it tells me that my Card is not readable in the Machine I was then told my Card was no good!! I know for a fact that it is I pay my bills on time, The point is I was yelled at infront of a line of people that I was wasting her time and now she has to Abort the Purchase and will have to explain why!!!I will never go back in that store as long as Kim is working there I think she was very rude and is always rude to me everytime I am in there, She follows people around as if they are going to steal something and is just plain rude to all of the customers not just me!! I think that this issue could have been handled in a different way because I know my card is good and do not appreciate How I was treated at all today!!!

  • By Sherlyn Bowersox - Posted on: April 6, 2013

    Our Local Dollar General is going down hill so fast. We were so pleased to have one come and it is great. But seams like each manger they get is worse and worse ours has become so dirty and they can not get things off floors and put on shelves. Empty shelves and boxs all over. They say oh we go an order in. I usually go there two or three times a week and it never changes. This is a very big local complaint. They need someone to show them how to schedule to make the best out of their employees to get their work done.

  • By J.Jordan - Posted on: April 4, 2013

    This review is about not just one DG store or its staff its about concerns I have about the safety of its staff. DG is all about the mighty dollar and that's it.Next time you walk into any DG store and you cant get around or the shelf's are not filled ask any of there employees why. Did you know that a store manager can not set there own store employees hours to work. No this is done by a some unknown person(s) at DG corporate office then e-mailed to the store.They don't even have a clue whats going on in these stores.O the have so called yes people they call district managers who sometime visit the stores.When it balls down to it DG would rather put millions of dollars into there presidents love for nass car racing.So y not put this money but into the stores. O yes DG had lost in there forth quarters but really.Lets talk safety. Today my wife had to be at work at 5:30 am to unload a truck by herself with a strange truck-driver to be her only help. When I seen this i became upset. I phoned my wife and was told there was no payroll hours to give employees and she had to send two of her employees to other stores to help. Now we live in a small town where there is two correctional centers where people are from out of town are coming in to visit. The Police department goes home on a call out notice around 4 am. Now would you want your wife or daughter to be with a stranger in the back of a building where if anything could happen. Not saying the driver is bad but what if someone wanted to rob the store possibly shoot the truck driver and your family over what a total of the most 36 dollars for two more employees at 9hr each to work 2hrs each. Makes me glad corporate knows whats right. There is more much more that the gen public don't know. My wife works every day a min 12 hr day 6 days a week and not for big bucks by any means. I am Pissed an I think its high time I seek an attorney to look into these matters not for myself but for all. Know this didnt make much differance cause if you look at the fine print above it says However sometime staff of DG reads these. LMAO.

  • By Julie - Posted on: April 17, 2013

    I was just in the Dollar Neneral Store in Belmond, IA. I want to say that is was a real mess. You cannot find anything in the store. There were items laying on the floor, clothes, toys and food items. Needless to say it was nt a good experience. Belmond is a small community and this is one store that has lots of people coming and going here.If thuis store continues to look like this, it will send everyone out of town. I do know that it is hard to find good employment these days, but uit would be nice if there were some what pleasnat

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