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Dollar General Corporation is a discount retailer, which offers products from a variety of brands at a discounted brand to make the products more affordable and make them available for customers at convenient locations. With its corporate office and headquarters located in Goodlettsville TN, this company offer products from different and top brands, which include Unilever, General Mills, Kimberly Clark, Procter & Gamble, and Nabisco. It offers products through stores situated across forty stores and eleven distribution centers. This company is categorized under the head of variety stores. The company mainly deals in food items, household, apparel and accessories, health and beauty products, and seasonal products.

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  • By no name - Posted on: July 2, 2013

    a friend worked for dollar general and she was 3rd key holder she worked any store any time she worked her store anytime they needed her she usually got 35 hrs a week but what makes me mad is the way they did her she was helping customer out and making a sale she sold a customer an 8 pk of soda but it only had 6 in it and there was no more in store so she was asked if she could take the price off the 2 sodas that was missing it was 1.88 and she got fired over this the distrist manager fired her she had it in for this friend for a long time no one never knew why the dm don't care why you done it or nothing the girl has never had a write up she should of been told that they don't do that and that she should of given a write up but not fired for something she did to help make a sale

  • By dianna wakerman - Posted on: July 12, 2013

    I worked at dollar general and I had 40 hours coming for vacation.and I didn't get it .I quit my job and they are not going to pay my hours.i don't think this store was 6090 in floral city.i need help. what can I do?

  • By Debbie Street - Posted on: July 1, 2013

    A new Dollar General was built in Halls, TN 38040 about a year ago and it has really changed. The service there is the worst I have ever had at any business. I have been in there several times and each time there is only 1 register open and at least 10 people in line and a manager that just walks around where the register is and then goes on to the back of the store. I have actually stood in line for 10-15 minutes to get checked out. Today I went in there and of course there was only on register open and the register went down and that is understandable, things like that But then the girl left or took break and all 12 of us had to get in line again. The manager then began to check everyone out and was so slow and was more interested in what people had decided they did not want once they got to the register. He called another employee to the front of the store to take things back and talking to him. I will drive 15 miles in order to not have to go back into this store. While I have waiting in line 2 people just pushed the cart aside and said "forget this". I have worked in customer service for 28 years and this store is going to lose business. I heard others in line saying it is this way every time they come in and one lady said she would stop on her way home from work before she would be back.

  • By wk - Posted on: June 4, 2013

    this company is suppose to be family orieanted but is not they take the word on dm an people over the dm for instant randy forte an gary Sinclair if they find out that u r gay they will lie to u an pressure u into quieting an put down not to be rehired I will not go in these stores any more until they get rid of people that has a problem with gays an other people they think is not family in values as they would put it my family an my church does not condem any body for what their sexual belief r dollar general owner needs to open is eyes on what is going on before it is to late

  • By Enough is enough: - Posted on: June 3, 2013

    The manager at Dollar General Store,12915 Highway 84 Frontage Rd in Brookhaven, MS 39601 has a mental problem she has no respect for workers,customers and no one else. She looks like a man she wear man clothes and has a man hair cut. Her employees act like they are afraid of her. Something need to be done about her. her name is Charland Rainwater.

  • By Cheryl - Posted on: June 3, 2013

    My grandson was interview and hired on Thursday he was told that after drug test and background check they would call him for work but within a day they called him to come to work on Saturday. He worked Sat-Thur of that week mostly alone with little or no training. The only time he spent with the manager was the short interview process. He wasn't even sure on how to pronounce his name he seen so little of him. He was scheduled off Fri and was told to call or come by the store to get his schedule for the next week. He called but the Manager of this location once again was not there but was told his name was not on the schedule and no one there knew why. So he called the cell number he had for the manager got no answer, waited an hour or so and texted him NO RESPONSE! So Saturday he went over to the store was told that he was being transferred to another location and he had the weekend off. He was told to call Mon and he would tell him where to report to for work. Well later that day he got the call to report to work and the orginial store Sunday cause someone didn't show up and he gladly went to close Sunday. Monday Memorial Day he once again worked at the store to close and told to return there on Tue at 9am to work this person shift. After two hours some dist manager showed up and shortly after he was let go! He was shocked he was told that his pan had been short and he (the manager) had to let him go. No when, not how much just short. Than we found out that for the last three days he worked he was using another number to clock in and out because his number did not work. After the so-call transfer he was removed from the system but when he need someone to work the holiday weekend he USED him. Now once again he didn't work on these days but he was there on Tue when the dist manager showed up. I emailed the corp office HR department but no return email or call as if they would care. Training issue and a lack of proper supervision. Poor management also in this case too. Who put a 19 year old on a register and don't have a training process on how to handle money for your store and company. If this was a recurring issue where was the concern enough to have an experience person with a new person to train and watch over company access? I went into the store on memorial day was he was in the store alone I was concern cause as being in management myself I know he should not be checking me out without someone else there but I didn't see anyone else in the store and asked him where was the key holder he didn't know,somewhere but he had not seen him in a while. How Sad! Now we are trying to locate his check stub to see if he was paid for days he worked using another number and not surprised we can't get it cause his number has been deleted and no one is answering the number online listed as the corp office.

  • By kevin moore - Posted on: June 28, 2013

    I just visited your store #12992 and was very upset. It was busy which I can understand but a product I tried to purchase rang up wrong. I was told that it had gone off sale but the signs were all over the display in the middle isle by checkout. The cashier went and removed the signs and told me with an unpleasant attitude, like I had done something wrong that we have to wait for the manager to come from the back to take the product off my purchase. I don't think I will visit this store again. IF that busy shouldn't manager be out front to help. Just a suggestion.

  • By bill - Posted on: June 26, 2013

    on friday evening, you should have 2 cashiers not 1. you should not have 10 people or more in one line when several employies walking arround. the store in vardaman ms. has double doors. some times they only unlock one side and when you leave to go out the right side, you nearly go through it.i shop a lot in vardaman and calhoun ms. but if condition stay the same, i don't have too. does anyone care.

  • By Mad - Posted on: June 24, 2013

    Fire Rodney Hooks You might have better stores in Durham

  • By trish roberts - Posted on: June 23, 2013

    the Dollar General in Hiddenite ,NC is a mess.EVERY time i go in there it is nasty.stock buggys are always in the isles and at the ends.I have seen one person doing stock once in the many times ive been there.I dont know if its the manager not happy about ther job or she just don't care.there will be a lot of business lost here when the family dollar opens because of this problem and because they will not open another register when there is more then 5 people in line.I have already seen on my facebook aLOT of people hates this store because of this reason.I have never seen this problem at none of the other stores.always clean is my email if you have any

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