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5921 Northwest Barry Road Kansas City, MO 64154
Phone: (816)455-9008
Website: www.54thstreetgrill.com

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54th Street Grill and Bar operates grill and bar style restaurants. The 54th Street Grill and Bar has an American cuisine offering munchies, salads, mile high biggie burgers, combos, soups, super sandwiches, five four favorites, deep south favorites, pasta, seafood, gringos Mexican kitchen, streets steakhouse, street kids desserts, sides, and beverages. The 54th Street Grill and Bar has locations at Kansas City, Missouri, and St. Louis metropolitan area, and San Antonio metropolitan area in Texas. The meats and other ingredients in 54th Street Grill and Bar restaurant are prepared from scratch for better taste of foods.

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  • By George A. Mims Sr. - Posted on: June 23, 2013

    The meal I had at 54th street Bar & Grill was very good indeed one of the best I!ve had in years stay as wonderful as your are. And I was served by one of the best waiterss, with class that made my wife and I feel we were speical, THANK YOU MS.TAYLOR ANDERSON at the 54th street Bar & Grill in Flarissant, Mo.63033

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