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5555 Glendridge Connector NE,Ste. 300 Atlanta, GA 30342
Phone: (404)459-4450

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AFC Enterprise Incorporation is a privately operated organization that owns Popeye’s chicken and Biscuit. At first, the organization used to work as a franchise of Cinnabon and Best Coffee from Seattle. However, due to some legal issues the company finally sold its Best Coffee division to Starbucks in the year 2004. Headquarters of the organization is in Sandy Spring, Georgia. The organization is popular for preparing preserved chicken item. According to recent record, approximately 1,600 full time employees are working in this company. Cheryl. A. Bachelder is the respected CEO of the organization. Net income of the company is $18.8 Million approximately.

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  • By Joseph - Posted on: April 22, 2013

    After working in my yard all day and while sitting in my family room deciding what we wanted to do for dinner we saw a commercial for Popeye's pulled chicken. My wife said she wanted to try it. So I got dressed and drove the 9-10 miles from Manchester, CT to your store in Hartford. At the drive through I ordered 4 orders of your pulled chicken with extra sauce. I was told that it was discontinued so I asked what was like it and was told the spicy chicken was. So I ordered this. I never got any sauce with it. My complaint is this, our cable provider is cox cable and if you discontinue an item from your menu, you should stop the advertisements for it. We were gravely disappointed. I will probably never go to your store again.

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