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8685 Northwest 53rd Terrace Miami, FL 33166
Phone: (305)594-2732

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The Benihana is a company, which franchises and even owns more than 116 Japanese cuisine restaurants across the world. Rocky Aoki founded the company back in the year 1964 for bringing different types of Japanese cuisines to the customers. In the year 1976, the company acquired Hardwicke Companies for running the company as partners. However, this relationship was terminated in the year 1980. In 1982, the company went public and at that time, Joel Schwartz was the president of the company. Until now, there are still some restaurants that the company owns privately, and in 1995 the restaurants were combined together to form Benihana Inc.

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  • By Ericka - Posted on: September 7, 2013

    I visited Benihana's Buckhead location in Atlanta, GA on my birthday. The dinner was fine, our server was exceptionally slow but nice. I gave our server the birthday certificate and she requested my driver's license and promised to bring it back. Shortly thereafter our chef came to the table. At the end of dinner she snapped a couple pictures of me and sent us along the way. When I arrived at home I realized that she never returned my ID. Since it was after closing by the time I made it home I figured I would call early the next morning. I called Benihana's at 10am but there was no response. I called again at 11:04am & requested to speak with the manager. I explained what happened to Crystal, the manager. She advised that our server was on schedule that day for 4pm and she would also speak to the manager who was on staff that previous night. The manager was supposed to arrive at 3pm. I let her know that I did not want to wait & asked her to call both parties right then & call me back within the hour. She agreed yet didn't follow through. I called her back 2 hours later and she stated that she did call both of them but neither returned her call & we both were basically waiting (yet it's not your identity that can be compromised!) she assured me that she would call me back. I gave it a few hours & decided to call back at 4pm. When I called back the manager, Crystal had left for the day and FAILED to debrief the managers who were on staff of my dilemma. I spoke with another manager Michael, let him know what took place, & provided him with the server's name. He was adamant that they did not have an employee named Shadeera on staff. I told him that Crystal knew who I was talking about. Finally, he had an ah-ha moment and said well I guess we do have a server named Shadeera but I've never known her as that. Everyone calls her Amber. Michael explained to me that this happens frequently even with credit cards but all cards are placed in a basket in the manager's drawer which is put in the safe & only management has access to it. Crystal (the morning manager had already advised that my ID was not there). Michael assured me that he would search the place & give me a call within 30 minutes.Graciously, he did call me back within an hour. He stated that he searched & he had also spoken with "Amber" who told him where she left it but they still could not locate it. He said that she was going to come in at 6:30pm (Crystal said 4pm) & he would call me back. After not hearing back from him I called the restaurant at 7pm. Michael stated that "Amber" was a no-show but he promised he would call me back because they were trying to figure out some things. He stated "but don't worry there's not much you can do with a driver's license." I'm sure he was trying to console me but I have no idea which century he is living in!!! Identity theft is prevalent & I've worked too hard to get to where I am in my creditworthiness status! I REGRET celebrating my birthday at a restaurant who has shown they don't care about the safety of their patrons! There is absolutely NO REASON my identification should have left the table! They should have viewed the picture & date of birth AT the TABLE! If I experience ANY fraudulent activity on my credit or even receive a traffic citation for driving without a license I will hold Benihana's FULLY responsible for negligence!!!!

  • By Melissa - Posted on: June 26, 2013

    I went to Benihana for my BIRTHDAY which I come here all the time. Me and my husband was the last table to get sat with two other couples.... Dinner was going great... UNTILL I payed when the receipt came back I notice my server ADDED the suggested tip on her own to my final receipt.... SHE JUST STOLE MY MONEY I ASKED FOR THE MANAGER AND HE DIDN'T MAKE IT ANY BETTER HE WENT ALONG WITH HER LIE!!!!!!!!! And put a $20 gift certificate in my hand and told me to have a good night....... WOWWWWWW I WAS SO SUPRISE...I felt like I was stereotype, the server told the manger she thought I was apart of a party that was way across the room I never told the host this or spoke to this party that was across the room ur manager went right along with this.. This was her reason for adding the grat to the ck already!!!! She knew that she had got caught and so Did the manager!!!!! HER NAME IS AURA AND SHE WORKS AT THE 79st Miami location I am upset that I don't remember the manager name but if I was to see him I would know who..... U have a thief and a messed up manager.... I WILL NEVER RETURN TO BENIHANA THE CRAZY PART IS THAT IAM A VERY BIG TIPPER 30% and she put 15%..... Sometime u just can't judge a book by its cover!!!!!! Feeling like I will never return THANK YOU I HOPE RHIS MESSAGE REACHES THE DESK OF THR GM AT the 79st causeway store

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