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10645 Philips Highway Jacksonville, FL 32256
Phone: (904)880-8310

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Bono's Bar-B-Q Bono's engages in serving great foods such as traditional southern BBQ. The menu offered by Bonos Bar-B-Q Bonos includes smoking snakes, smoke house stackers, bonos family feast, sandwiches, dessert, platters, salads, sides, BBQ specials, and by the pound items. The Bonos Bar-B-Q Bonos started its first restaurant in Jacksonville way bake in the year 1949. The company also provides gift cards, apparels, and special BBQ sauces through online. The Bono's Bar-B-Q Bono's now has about twenty restaurant located throughout Colorado, and Florida. The restaurant also provides catering services for party and social gathering for 10 to 10,000.

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  • By Barry Morris - Posted on: June 20, 2013

    $28 for a take-out meal of a chicken sandwich and an order of ribs without beverages is pretty steep. You would think it would be right. My wife came home with two cups of ranch dressing spilled in the bag. It made her angry because it had happened before and she had spoken to a manager about it. My wife called and then put me on the phone, found the sweet potato to be bad and the wrong kind of ribs. The manager offered a 10% discount. I said what about the sweet potato? Only then she offered that any uneaten food would be refunded when we brought it back. It is inconvenient to drive back up somewhere when they screw-up and my wife was hungry and ate the ribs complaining that they were dry and cooked to much.

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