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5700 70th Ave Pinellas Park, FL 33781
Phone: (727)545-9555
Website: www.kanesfurniture.com

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Kane's Furniture is known as one of the largest furniture retailers in Florida. The company was established in the year 1948. Trading zone of the organization stretches more than 300 miles around the Mexican Gulf. At present, the organization is running retail shops in approximately 17 locations in Florida and is being regarded as the largest furniture retailing organization there. Kane's now operates in more than eight central markets in Florida that include Sarasota, St. Petersburg, Melbourne, Ft Myers, Ocala, Orlando, Port Charlotte and Tampa. Headquarter and the main warehouse of Kane's is located in Pinellas Park, Florida. A huge number of Florida residents work in the organization both on full time and part time basis.

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  • By Roy Bruno - Posted on: September 20, 2020

    We purchased a bedroon set at the Kanes furniture in Ft. Myers, Fl. in July and were promised it would be delivered no later than the last week in August. They never delivered or called so we called the store and the salesman was absolutely no help and very combative (Don)! Asked to speak to a manager(Allan). Was told he would call back as he was busy. When he called back he promised my wife he would check the status and call her back the following day. Never called back so we drove to the showroom 3 days later and confronted him. He said he passed it to corporate and the order would not come in until the end of Sept at the earliest. I cancelled the order and 2 credit slips were issued on 9-4. To date i have still not rece3ived any credit on my credit card. Called customer service and talked to a Pauline last Thursday (3days ago) She stated she would check with accounting and call us back. Again no phone call. seems to be a common practice here. My credit card was charged immediately but getting credit back should not take this long and getting someone to reply. this is my first and last dealing with this company. Be very careful dealing with this type of company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • By Patricia Mckinney - Posted on: August 23, 2013

    My husband and I picked a beautiful rosered sofa and recliner. 2weeks ago.Virgil the sale's person said it would be on back order till the end of October and said that was fine. We loved the color. On the 21st of August, we got a call and said your stuff is ready. We thought wow that was fast. So we had two days to sell our living room furniture and make room for our new set on Friday the 23.The delivery guys called and said we are on our way, but we have no couch, it was broken. I did explain we have nothing to sit on. He said we will bring the chair and it comes and it has holes in it and ripped. I was so upset and sick to my stomach. He called it in to the main office and the lady said well you may need to change your order. Just call the store and someone can help you maybe. No, you guys are the one who screwed this up. So my husband called the store and The sale man Virgil said I have to speak to my manager and I will call you back. Well 4 hrs later and 3 more phone calls. Virgil said oh the manager did not even come in till noon. Anyway the wonderful manager said he could do nothing and could not send us a chair or something to use till oct, He said but we could get our money back if we don't want to wait. Well dumb dumb man, we have no furniture because we sold it, Wow great customer service. The funny story, while we were paying for our stuff, they had a customer at the counter so pissed off at the store and how they have been treated. NOW I KNOW WHY. DO YOUR SELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM KANE'S AND THE KANE'S IN BRANDON, FL. No one really cares. Gonna try the main office. HAHAHAHAH good luck to me.

  • By Roberta Jaroma - Posted on: August 14, 2013

    I purchased a leather couch and mattress from Kane's in Melbourne and to this day still have problems with both of them yet nobody seems to care! Regarding the leather sofa, which comes with the lifetime guarantee, what a bunch of BS. I had to call several times because no one ever called me back and they set up appointments and no one shows up so AGAIN I have to call the store and the same woman who I had been dealing with, and set up the appointment, said it was never scheduled or put down for service, REALLY!!! Customer Service is awful in fact I don't believe they know what customer service is. Finally when someone eventually shows up at my house to repair the "scratches/marks" they literally "painted" my furniture and with a color that doesn't even match, it looks horendous and I'm tired of calling and getting the run around. As far as my mattress, which I haven't finished paying for, I've had it for about 3 months and it sags like I've owned it for years. AGAIN, I have made several calls to the store and AGAIN I keep getting the run around. Can you imagine my dismay when an appointment was set and AGAIN no one showed up. When I called the store that morning no one knew anything about it!! The woman, Tess, actually laughed at me like I find this amusing and I didn't know what I was talking about. A woman Lucy set up the appointment 2 days earlier but she must have amnesia also because it wasn't on the schedule!!! To this day I am still waiting for someone to all me back and rectify these situations but I won't hold my breath. I'm done with these people and this store so if you are considering buying furniture from Kane's don't bother, RUN to another store!!! Not worth the hassels or aggravation....

  • By Richard CAstle - Posted on: August 13, 2013

    August 12,2013 I just moved to Naples from Orlando, and needed living room and bedroom furniture for my condo. I drove to the Ft Myers store, and met Nello Papi, a sales consultant. I was not sure what I wanted, and he took the time to discuss my needs and what exactly I wanted to accomplish. He walked me through the store, showing the reduced items as well as the retail items, and help me to make some difficult decisions.He is a true professional, patient and courteous. I have done business in the past with Kane's,and was again very pleased. Sincerely, Richard Castle

  • By Danny Peguero - Posted on: June 14, 2013

    Hello my name is Danny Peguero and I reside in the Clermont Florida area if you don't know this little cute town its in between Groveland, Mascotte and towards my other side Ocoee Florida in the minutes of Orlando and about 3o minutes from Disney World, The Service was horrible at the OBT Orange Blossom Trail Store, went to pick up our furniture but the seemed not to have the time to service us it was really bad when we decided to call Cristina Green at main office she decided to have them delivered our furniture, and that was the last we heard of her, Store manager was supposed to get a call from them but the manager at that time was working on the siuation but situation was not solved due to no clear word as of what to do and never recieved a call .... even though we DID NOT recieve a call they then decided to call at 6 in the morning and I work nights .... I think there should be some clarity when we did not even get a call from a manager... that is rediculous to call somebody at this time in the morning and just pop ut ...ONce again what happened to the manager solving problems this is the WORST of the WORST and this will be posted to our new website about critiques so I expect to have a manager call us for this situation, Nobody should be given a surprise call at 6 in the morning when also we were working all night. NObody should be treated the way we were treated when we decided to enter YOUR store and waist my money on your products, remember the customer is always right right? Managers should take charge of situations like this Managers when you say I will give you a call to solve an issue you should stick to your guns and don's slack on it NOTE we are suppose to call us to let us know about our CREDIT and also about the delivery WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CALL A DAY BEFORE DELIVERY TO CONFIRM IT IS NOT FOR YOU TO GUESS IF IT'S OK OR IF WE ARE GOING TO BE HOME. THIS IS FAR BEYOND BAD TO WORST SERVICE i DEMAND A CALL FROM CORPORATE OFFICE

  • By Betty Brown - Posted on: May 26, 2013

    I purchased a beautiful leather sectional which was supposedly in stock. On delivery date, only part of it was there and the rest was backordered for an estimated 2 months!. I didn't want to take partial delivery in case the dyes didn't match, the delivered and used sections would show different wear/tear than the new, the fancy stitching might be different since they wouldn't be in the same lot. Kane's refused to arrange/consider for me to take position of the entire sectional at one time... Indeed, when the last 2 items arrived, they were wrong items. I tried to work out arrangements with the store, but they were impossible. They wouldn't exchange the wrong items for the right ones without charging a 20% restocking fee; they couldn't/wouldn't guarantee delivery within a reasonable amount of time (the very last shipment was 3 months after the first); they wouldn't consider taking everything back and selling me something that was truly in stock. The manager did absolutely nothing to help the issue...only made it worse by displaying an incredibly bad attitude. I've since been warned by many people, but I really didn't think anyone can remain in business today with such a hostile, unreasonable, unworkable approach to customers and resolving issues.

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